Wolf drawing | How to Draw Wolf | Easy Step By Step

Wolf Drawing, Friends, this time we will make a wolf drawing, to make it, we will show it with the help of a simple pencil. For this, we will make a drawing of the media’s face in a slightly technical way. For we will use only a pencil, and follow the basic steps, shading, and highlighting will be done with the help of a pencil. All its parts ears nose eyes will be made with the help of a pencil in this Wolf Drawing.

The eyes of the wolf’s face will be made highlight the religions well. It is an animal living in the forest which is non-vegetarian and it is very ferocious. By setting the parts near its neck with the help of a pencil, we will make the drawing of the wolf. How to make all the parts of a wolf There are many species of wolf found all over the world.

Material Used in Wolf Drawing

Pencils like HB and 1MM, 2MM, and 3MM.
And an Eraser, a sharper, etc.

We will follow some simple steps to make it which are as follows.

Step:1 Draw the basic shape of the Wolf’s body and face

To make the basic shape, first of all, we will prepare the base, for which we will make a circle in the middle of the seat paper with the help of a light pencil, which should not be completely dark, but lightly lighten its edges.

Now we will brow from its center upwards and downwards a straight vertical line which rises slightly above the upper part and slightly downwards from the lower part. Now we’ll draw another big line like this, which is why it’s a little outside the left side part of the circle and a little outside the right side one.

Step:2 Draw the Lines

Now we will draw a diagonal line that has come out from the middle of both the lines, now the vertical line that was drawn, we have made x axis diagonal line on the left side page. And going touching the circumference of the circle, we will draw it. The lying line that was drawn is right near someone, who will draw another line downwards in one of them. All these lines cut a place in the middle, now we will make all its shapes there.

Step:3 Now we have to learn how to draw a wolf’s mouth

Now the lines that have been drawn forward, here we will make its mouth, for which with the help of a pencil, we will make an inward circular cut there and with the help of a pencil, slowly setting it. In the middle of this, we will draw a small circle and darken it, this is the nose hole in the middle of the mouth.

We’ll draw you at some distance where the line was intersecting. To stop you, first of all, we will make a small circle, now we will cover it from both sides in the shape of a petal, for this, we will do shading slowly with a pencil in this wolf drawing.

Step:4 Make the shape of the face of a wolf

Now in this step, to make the neck of the ball, we will draw the line from the nose downwards, for which the pencil will not be moving straight, but bending it. After that, we’ll do the shading on the top of the eye.

We will move the pencil with the HB pencil very lightly. Shading the upper part of his eye with light hands with the help of a pencil. Slowly move the pencil setting it over the eye in this wolf drawing.

Step:5 Draw hairs of Wolf

Now in this step, we will draw the hair and ears above the neck and ears of the wolf. To stop the ear, we will convert the line drawn above the circle into the shape of the ear. For this, we will make the ear well by setting it slowly from inside the pencil and making the middle part with a dark pencil.

While setting the pencil, slowly move it up and down. To make the back side hair, we will run the pencil in a long way in which we will use the pencil moving backward.

Step:6 Wolf Drawing is Done

To stop the hair above the ear and on the neck, we will run the pencil in a large size, for which we take the pencil backward by pulling it long. Will make it so that all these parts will be set well by rotating gently with the help of a pencil.

We will do all this work, we will carefully using the pencil and run the pencil in a dark way on the dark part, thus our wolf is ready as a wolf drawing.

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