Tree Drawing | Easy Banyan Tree Drawing

Today we will make a green banyan Tree Drawing. Which is very thick and green in appearance. And it is full, for this, we will make it in a simple way and also color it. Keep in mind that the look of the tree should look very realistic. This tree will look very beautiful. Let us color it with the color of wax. Greenery should be spread because everything is there if there is greenery. We make it with the help of a protractor. Which helps in making branches, and the tree becomes attractive.

Material Used in Tree Drawing


Black Marker



wax color set

1 white sheet for making drawings.

Step:1 Draw the Structure of Tree Drawing

First of all, we draw a horizontal line in the middle of the sheet with the help of a protractor. Then keep the protractor upside down at some distance and draw a line with the pencil. Do the same on its other side and then do it up to the top and erase the line in the middle. I hope you understand what I want to explain in this Tree drawing article.

After this, its branches are made, for which some lines are drawn like branches with the help of a pencil. And only with the help of a protractor. Above prepare a base, and make a tree-like map. And do the same with the help of both side protractors and pencil as you can see in the Tree drawing. Ink After making it, let’s see that it looks good and is quite old.

Step:2 Now we have to draw the Trunk and Leaves of the Tree

After this, make the outer map of these with pencil and make it like a tree, making the tree as if it is located far away. After this, we make the middle part in which we show all the middle leaves as if flowing from the branches. As if the current is seen coming out from the branches.

After this, inside the same tree, some parts are made in the same way as they are made separately. Just like where some branches are made near the roots of the tree. The edge of the tree drawing is made well so that it looks like a leaf. after that, the tree is quite complete. After this, moving forward while doing it with the help of a pencil. Follow all the steps properly.

Step:3 Start Sketch in this Tree Drawing

After this, wherever we made the lines with the pencil, Now we make them with the help of a black marker. We darken it well as soon as it is made. To make it, the prepared part is darkened well. Shows all its parts and works well Darkens it to make it look nicer. To do this, take care of all the things well, and darken the branches. This tree drawing is very easy to draw you can read and understand all steps and experience this drawing.

The tree will darken the grass grown near the tree so that it looks good in the scenery and looks good. After this, as soon as it is made, we do all its steps properly. While doing all the things, they make it well, after that the leaves of the branches of the trees are mixed. After doing this, we will color them all. After doing it well, do all these carefully. Due to this, now we do the work step by step.

Step:4 Tree Drawing is Now Completed

In this step, we take wax color. And clean the page with the help of an eraser. After that, we take 3 colors for the color of the leaf, yellow, green, dark green. The upper part of the tree is painted with yellow color and then the branches which have been made in the middle are also done with yellow color, according to them all the leaves which come in the sunlight are colored lightly with yellow color in this Tree drawing easy.

After that, color the light green color below it and fill it slowly. After this, after making half yellow and half green, the rest is filled with dark green. You can see it as it is filled in the drawing. After that, they fill the leafy part of the tree in the same way. After that slowly paint the branch part of the tree. Color it, yellow and brown, dark brown is filled with three colors in the Drawing of the tree.

The part of the stem that has become old is filled with yellow and the side part is filled with brown and dark brown. According to this, all the parts of the tree are filled while doing them while doing all the parts. We color like this in the front and you can see that in the end, we get such a result after getting ready.

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