Tiger Drawing | How to Draw | What Material Used?

Tiger Drawing, This time we will make the Tiger Face drawing, for this we will make Tiger’s face in a basic way, in which we will show all the parts by shading with the help of a pencil. Many species of tiger are found all over the world, they are found in many colors all over the world, the habitat of the tiger is similar to that of a lion or it is non-vegetarian, and its face is very terrible.

And there is only hair on its face, whose eyes are very clear, they are very big and striped lines are made on the whole body, we will draw these lines and everything else with the help of a pencil. We will do all this work step by step by first making a basic circle and then measuring all the dimensions so that we do not make any mistakes and do all this work carefully. Let’s make our Tiger Drawing drawing.

Material Used in Tiger Drawing

To make Tiger’s face, we will have to use a white seat copper and a pencil along with which we will also have to use an eraser sharpener.

Step:1 Draw the Big Circle For the Shape of the Face of the Tiger

To make the drawing of the tiger, first of all, we will prepare the base, for which we will make a big circle in the middle, this circle will not be completely round, it will be slightly flat. It will be in the shape of a tiger’s face.

Now we need a straight line in the middle of the circle, which will cross both the skirt top and the bottom, similarly, we are lying flat in this Tiger Drawing Easy.

The line is needed which will be seen going out on both sides, now we will draw a big line touching the circumference at the top, similarly, we will draw a big line below. Basically, the circle will be surrounded by a square box from all sides. Now set the center of the horizontal line that we had drawn, went up in the center on both sides of that line, and will draw a small circle.

Step:2 Draw the shape of the face

The circle which will be the equal distance on both sides, whose radius will be about 3 mm, now towards the bottom of the circle, the vertical line which was drawn towards the bottom of the bigger circle. Will draw two more half-circles on it, and now draw another big half-circle on top of that.

From now on, going up a bit, make a V-shaped cut where the tiger’s nose will be. If you want to make this Tiger Drawing Easy so you need to understand drawing skills.

By rising above the head, in a V shape, in a reverse V shape, both the big circle and ear shape will be made, in the same way, both of the small circles that have been made, will draw a straight line. And now the extra lines in the middle of the page will be erased with the help of an eraser. Now from near the apple of the ear, do both the half circles which will touch the lower part.

Step:3 Draw the Eyes, Nose, and Mustache of a Tiger Drawing

Now after making all these shapes, we will do highlighting some parts of them, for which we will convert them into the shape of the eyes which we had drawn on the two heads.

For we will make your apple with light hands with the help of a pencil, in the same way, we will make the mouth from the mobile and also draw the eyebrows with as many mustaches as there are on the face. We will show them too of this Tiger Drawing.

We will highlight all the parts of the face lightly and we will do all this work well with the help of a pencil as you can see in the drawing. Lightly burn the pencil in the pit cell in the lower part of the eye and run the pencil well inside its ear as well.

Step:4 Now We have to sketch the face of the Tiger

Now we will set all the parts with the help of a pencil, while pressing the pencil with light hands, move the pencil in a zigzag manner in the lower part of the eye. We will give a gap in the middle so that we can see the line of Tiger’s face, we will run the pencil in a long way in the rattan part so that we can see the hair of his face well of Tiger Drawing.

We will do all this work carefully with pencil with light hands so that there is no mistake, keep in mind that if there is no mistake, press the pencil on the whole face, then set it and run it.

As you can see in the drawing, you will run the pencil well on your side part, its face is similar to the monkey’s face, the only difference is. that his face has hair and striped lines are made so we will make the drawing in the same shape. Now our Tiger drawing is ready.

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