Sword Drawing | Pencil Sketch in Just 4 Steps

Sword Drawing For Beginners. Welcome back to our blog guys. In today’s Blog post we will tell you how to draw a sword. Swords have played a great significance in the past and in today’s world they are still as significant as earlier. We will tell you how to draw a sword today in different-different steps. Basically 4 to 5 steps we will take to tell this whole drawing how it has been made . So without wasting any time let’s begin with the steps.

In this article, we have tried our best to provide the easiest way to make this drawing in this blogpost. We have tried in every way, I hope that you all must be able to feel our efforts by reading this article.

Drawing Picture of Sword

Sword Drawing

See friends, whenever we do a blogpost, one of the most important things remains in it, which is the image of the drawing. If the image of the drawing is not there, then there is no meaning of that article. The most important and knowledge thing is the image of the drawing as you would be able to see the image of this drawing.

In all the articles, we have presented the image of drawing with video tutorial in a proper way. All of you must be well aware that there are many skills to make a drawing, in which the best skill is to keep your material with you in a proper way to sketch so that there is no disturbance while making the Sword drawing. could not be created


This is the first step in this step first of all we will draw some rough likes it’s what you can say somewhat like guidelines for our better understanding. After making the guidelines, we will draw some fair lines above them to make the drawing properly.


In this step we will clearly draw the sword part of the Sword drawing. So first of all we will make two vertical lines at a few centimetres distance from each other and both of them should be equal after that we will draw the tip of the sword, as you can see in the image attached above the top of the sword is a bit pointed so we will make it by making a rough traingle first and then we will erase the base of the triangle.


In this step we will make the part from where we hold the precious sword. So first of all we will draw a rectangular shape and after that we will make design at the bottom of that and erase the extra rough lines and then we will draw some designs on the rectangular shape which we had drawn in the middle of that rectangle. After making the designs at the end of the rectangular shape draw a horizontal rectangle, a small one, so that it can help us to hold the sword drawing properly.


In this step first of all we will draw the extra shapes which we can see are beside the sword surrounding it. So you can easily draw them by using your free hand as they are curved figures. After drawing them first we will shade the sword and then after shading the sword we will shade those extra figures drawn other than the sword drawing. After shading the whole drawing, our drawing has been made.

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