Sunset drawing | Easy Way to paint Sunset Picture

Today I will make a sunset drawing. The sun is hiding between the mountains in a sunset drawing. And it is very nice to see this sight. Because it is giving red color light while the sun is hiding. Everything looks great. This view is of the bank of the river, on the other side is the mountain, and in the middle is the river. Which is absolutely calm in nature. And on the other side, two coconut trees are standing in drawing of Sunset.

We will make the shape of the sunset drawing with the help of a pencil. Then color it with wax color. For this, first of all, we will make the shape of the sun. And the color around it with light orange color. Together, we will make the shape of trees on its side. Will make the shape of a coconut only with the help of a pencil. While making this, we will take special care of cleanliness in the sunset drawing.

The Material used in Sunset Drawing

1 pencil, 1 Eraser, 1 sharpener, and colouring wax colour.

Step:1 Drew mountain shape

First of all, we will start by drawing the shape of the mountain on one side of the sunset drawing. To make the shape of the mountain, we will keep the pencil on the right side of the page and run from top to bottom. After that, again from the same drawing, we will keep the pencil from above and move it back down.

Then after that the third time we’ve drawn the second line. Keeping the tip of the pencil in its center, we will leave the other side back. Due to this, the mountain is completely plateaued. So, instead of moving the pencil in the shape of a cone, we will move it by tilting it down. We will draw the drawing of the coconut tree on the side of the mountain itself.

Step:2 Drew coconut tree Shape

After making the mountain of sunset drawing, a coconut tree drawing will be made on one side of the mountain. Which we will touch a line straight from the top by drawing it from the lower part of the mountain. We’ll draw another line right next to someone.

Both these lines are part of the trunk of the coconut. Now near this, we will draw two lines closer and closer above the 60-degree incline. Due to this, it will be made in the shape of a coconut stem. And there are small and big lines, we will pull them by giving a little gap. So that the part of the coconut stem can be clearly formed.

Step:3 Drew river shape

Now after making the shape of the trunk of the coconut tree in the sunset drawing, we will make the coconut leaves. To make the leaves of the coconut, we will first draw lines in the shape of a star around the top of the stem. In the same way, we draw in both the coconut trees. We make all the parts of the coconut leaf on them. For this, the lines will be asked slowly from small to large. After drawing a side plateau part, we will draw the river and the sun.

Step:4 Draw River Properly

To make the drawing of the river in the drawing of the sunset, first of all, we will draw a straight vertical line from the left side to the right side. After that in the back side part of this line, we will make mountain sep. Which we will drag the pencil up and down in the shape of a cone.

To make the lion of the sun, we will keep a coin of ₹ 1 or ₹ 2 and run the pencil around its edge. By doing a little bit of cardboard above the line, we will draw a line up to the center of the line, this is the shape of the mountain on the other side of the river

Step:5 Painting

Now we will color by color in the sunset drawing. For we will first color around the sun with orange colour. On top of the mountain part, we will color the whole with light red color. After that, moving upwards, we will keep using yellow color, due to which we will see redness here. Now to color the shape of the mountain, we will use dark green color on its edge and we will use light green color on the center part.

We will color the leaves of the coconut tree with dark green color and we will color its trunk with brown color. And we will color the river which is flowing in the middle with sky color and leave some empty space in the middle. And we will also use the side blue color of the edge in the drawing of the sunset, we will do the coloring and setting well so that there is no mistake. Now our sunset drawing is completed.

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