Sun Flower Drawing Easy in Just 4 Steps

Sun Flower Drawing Easy step by step. The Sunflower flower is the most beautiful flower. Sunflower flower is used to make vegetable oil. The chemical name of the sunflower is Helianthus. The Sunflower flower is a symbol of loyalty and worship. Its color is yellow. There are seeds in the middle of it. it is also a symbol of faith Sunflower flower is rich in calcium and minerals. Today we will make the same properly.

It is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D. It is the national flower of Ukraine. Sunflowers grow very quickly and are the longest. 2000 to 2200 seeds are found in sunflower flower drawing easily. Sunflowers are found in different colors in the world. There are two types of sunflower seeds, black and striped. Black seeds are used to extract oil. Sunflowers can grow up to 15 feet tall.

The Sunflower flower drawing easy is made up of several large flowers. The sunflower flower drawing easy follows the sun throughout the day. Today we will make the same in 2D with the help of a pencil. Sunflower flower is very nice, so we will make it very carefully. As it is made by threading the pencil very well.

Material Used in Sun Flower Drawing Easy

1 pencil

1 sharpener

1 eraser

Follow the steps below to make a sunflower flower.

Step:1 Draw the Leaves of Sun Flower Drawing Easy

In the first step, we take a blank sheet. and In the middle of this, we make a circle of a 1 cm radius, which is round and complete, and darken it well as you can see in the Sun Flower Drawing Easy. After this, the side buds come out above it. And the beans come out in the same way on the bottom side and after that one, the bud comes out on the left side and one on the right side.

And they darken their edges well so that it looks good and if the bud is from the front, it should be visible in its entirety. After this, it is amazing to see the complete work done on it. Darken them well, whatever bud has come out on top of the fast, is completely visible. After that, the 4 buds that have been formed in the center of these, buds emerge in the middle of these in this Sun Flower Drawing Easy.

Step:2 Now draw the Buds of Sun Flower

If one bud is made in the middle of four buds, then 4 more buds are formed, it is very nice to see. In this we are now all around the total bud More buds are formed due to which a total of 8 buds have been formed now. This shows the sunflower well because in front is the bud which would have been very nice to see in this Sun Flower Drawing Easy.

Now in the midst of these, another bud emerges in it. Those who are made well, who have 7 countings. This bud makes the sunflower flower a complete flower. Which is now complete but shows all the parts shown well. Now tap and tap with a pencil to make seeds in its central part, so that the inner part is formed very well.

Step:3 Draw the Darken Part like Seeds of Sun Flower

After this, darken all the parts well. Double-run the pencil on all the parts and work on them in all the ways to make seeds on the center part and make them tap tap well. Now a long bud emerges from the earbud below as you can see in the Sun Flower drawing Easy. The bud that has emerged from the bottom is doubled in this Sun Flower Drawing Easy.

Do all the parts made well, while doing them, a bud has to come out from their side, one on the left and the other on the right side. I see well in the butt bud shown in making it well, well prepared for the leaf to come out on the side and for the leaf, first one line comes out straight, then one by one from its side turns out.

Step:4 Sun Flower Drawing Easy is Completed

After making the leaves on both sides, they are brushed and in the same way, they are completed. Now to show the highlights and shadows in the center of the sunflower, do a light rubbing with a pencil and after seeing it well Showing the seed part in the center of the sunflower, I shadow the whole part of the sunflower.

After that, while rubbing the shown part properly with a pencil, it is shown that the parts are visible properly. Sunflower flower is very good to see, so it is necessary to shade well to make it. as you can see in the Sun Flower drawing Easy. The part of the sunflower has been shown well so that all of them can be seen clearly. Your sunflower flower is ready I made it in a simple way.

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