Skull Drawing | Easy Skull Pencil Sketch in 5 Steps

Skull Drawing, Today we will make a skull tribute tattoo. Shading with the help of a pencil, we will make it like a human skull with a knife between its teeth. Whose center of both eyes is empty and has a terrible scary skull, its eyes are sunken in and emptyThe one with the nose is so scary and there is a knife stuck between the teeth, all his teeth are shining, we set all these things with the help of a pencil. In the setting.

We will run the pencil well with light hands and make the donor part and its eye part well, paying attention to all the parts of the skull, make it well. Let’s see how to make it. The special ones will run the pencil lightly on it, will make all its teeth well so that all the teeth can be seen well, and will show the shape of the knife between the teeth in Skull Drawing.

Material Used in Skull Drawing

To make this, we need a pencil, a sharpener, and an eraser, and shading will be done well with our hands. A seat paper on which we will make the skull drawing.

Step:1 Draw The Shape Of The Skull Drawing

First of all, we will make the upper part by placing the cancel on top of the paper. Moving the pencil from one side upwards in the shape of an egg, bring it to the other side, this will be the shape of an egg. To make this, we’re going to move the pencil well. Here’s the top part of the skull part. After that, we will run the pencil from one side to the top in a crooked manner.

Will bring down from the side, similarly, beans will run the pencil on the other side as well as you can see in the drawing. here the part is the facial part of the skull part, Bringing it from the front, we will connect it in the middle, which will be called its teeth part, adding it, we will move the pencil slowly in a zigzag way. To connect in the middle, we will connect by not connecting directly, we will connect it below, now we will make the eye part of the skull for which we have made an egg shape.

Step:2 Draw the Middle Part of the Skull

A big circle will be made from the middle of it, the other side will also make a similar circle, This part is part of the skull. In the part, we will make his teeth and the knife that is stuck in between the teeth, we will move the pencil well to make all these in Skull Drawing.

First of all, the pencil will be used to make the upper part with the teeth, the two circles which have been made, bringing them down, and the joke will come on the side, then on the other side, taking the water, Will close it from the other side in the same way that it will be in reverse A shape. The shape of the heart will be inverted, in that we will move the pencil from top to side and move it to the other side in the shape of a heart. In this way, it will become an inverted heart. We will make this part and join it together. Now we will make the outer part of the knife which is to be made in the lower part, for this we will make a rectangular box.

Step:3 Draw the chin of Skull Drawing Easy

In this, we will make a well-designed knife which you can see. Which will come in the form of a heavy knife, leaving it from one side, will take out the other side. Similarly, now we will connect it from the bottom, and now we will make a design on its main, for which we will make some designs by running the pencil lightly up and down. Now we will make this below the chin of the skull.

Will take it downwards then from the other side will connect it to the upper part of the knife where its little part is now. We will draw its teeth on the top of the knife which is its mouth. To draw the teeth we will draw small oval-shaped circles with the pencil. For those which will be perfectly connected with each other, the number will be about 12, which will be perfectly connected with each other, then we will connect the upper line which will keep touching all the eggs of this Skull Drawing Easy.

Step:4 Draw the teeth

Now we will make the teeth of its lower part in it, which are looking light, to make it, we will make a shape in the shape of small eggs from bottom to top. Moving the pencil slowly, we will make the shape well. Now we will completely fill the eye area with a black sketch which also made the inner and empty area of this Skull Drawing.

We will gradually blacken it completely and in the next part, we will completely block the nose part which we will color well with a black marker. Which is completely black stuck inside because in this design we will make a black and white skull. The fingerprints we made on the knife issue next time. We will blacken them like this, then we will blacken the upper part with this, put it on its outer side, color it with black color, and darken the outer side of the skull with a pencil in Skull Drawing.

Step:5 Now Skull Drawing is Completely Done

Now we will color the side part of the upper part of the knife well, for which we will run double with black color, in the middle of this we will make a light mark for setting. We will make light marks with the help of pencil SK which will be in every part of the whole skull. On the edge of the toothed part, we will double it with a black scale on the side. From where the knife is pressed in the mouth, we will blacken both sides of it with black color, in which we will use black marker well in Drawing of Skull.

Will double the outer part of this with a black marker so that it looks good. Now we will draw light marks everywhere which will be in the type of wrinkles of the bones, For whom we will make the mark in every part of the skull while moving the sketch up and down. Now our skull tribute tattoo design is ready. While making this, we will carefully use skewers and pencils in Skull Drawing.

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