Side Profile Drawing | Male Side Profile in simple 3 steps

Side Profile Drawing Today, in this blog post, we are presenting a unique drawing in front of you, which is amazing in appearance you will need some special material to make this drawing, which has already been explained well.

In this article, we will show the side profile drawing and discuss something about it, which will have the biggest impact on those people who are interested in this type of drawing and want to draw, we have tried to explain it through some steps. About Side Profile drawing which can prove to be very effective. In this type of drawing, you get to see one thing different which is the shape, in which we can also see a lot of difficulties.

Material Used in this Side Profile Drawing

A4 Size Drawing Sheet

HB, 2B, 6B Sketch Pencil


Friends, this is a sketch drawing, so only this material will be used in it, more material cannot be used. A very beautiful drawing will be made if the effort to make it is made with a full heart. There are a few things to keep in mind while making this Side Profile drawing.

First of all, we must not make any mistakes in drawing the shape, because of which we will get a good start in making this drawing. There are many other things that are mentioned below in the steps, with the help of which it will be very easy to make this drawing.

Step:1 Draw the Shape of the Face of the Side Profile

In the side profile drawing, we will draw the human face from the side, which we are starting with this step. First of all, we have to draw the structure of the face, and along with that we also have to draw the shape. Some guidelines have to be drawn which will help us to draw the structure of the face.

There are many things to keep in mind when we have to draw this drawing, when we go, we will be able to draw this drawing in a perfect way. It is also very important to take some precautions, like when we have to draw the guidelines in the starting, do not darken them so that when we erase those extra lines later, they leave a mark.

Step:2 Now Draw the Parts of the Face

Now we have to shape the face from the side, in this way we will draw the side part of the forehead which will be slightly above the eye. After the forehead, we have to draw its eyes in the side profile. We have to draw the eye in such a way that we should feel that we are drawing a side profile. I hope you have understood this very well.

Now we have to draw the hairs from the side. Now you have to draw big or small hairs, depending on whether you are drawing the side profile of a boy or a girl. There are many things that we will take advantage of to make this drawing.

Step:3 Side Profile Drawing is Finish

This is the third step of this drawing. In this step, we want to draw the cheeks. With this, we draw the proper shape of its nose. To draw the nose, we have to draw a shape like a triangle shape, and below that we will draw the nostrils. After drawing the nose, we have to draw its lips which look very realistic. Hope you are able to understand very well how we need to develop our drawing skills while making this type of Side Profile drawing.

Now we are at the last stage of this Side Profile drawing. Now we have to sketch. If you do not know how to sketch, then you must read all the steps from starting to the last to sketch and follow the method we have told in the last. The simple method of sketching is that where there are shadow areas, we will sketch them darkly and the rest lightly.

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