Scenery Drawing | Easy Drawing in 4 steps

Today we are going to make a landscape river scenery drawing. Which is a morning view in which the sun is rising and the weather is very pleasant. The part of the river bank is very nice, the greenery is overflowing, and coconut trees are planted nearby, which is very attractive to see. From where the sun is emerging, it is looking very lovely, emerging from a long distance. Whose rays are looking very attractive.

The morning sun and the coconut tree near the plains look very attractive. The flow of the river is quite calm. And the water of the river is looking very nice. The coconut tree is leaning towards the river. Today we will make this very well. Will pay attention to everything well Will make all the adorable scenes very adorable with the help of pencil only. The clouds above him are looking very calm and very charming.


First of all, we draw a simple vertical line in the middle of the sheet. After that, taking a gap of about 3 inches from both sides of the line, make the upper side line which is like a cloud till the last of the sheet. After that, make the side river below, while making the river remember that the river should not be straight but crooked. We have to plant both of these coconut trees, and for this, we will run the pencil properly. To show the plateau part of the river, it is doubled with a pencil. Landscape Scenery Drawing is very easy to draw.

A high place is made on the left side of the river, for which a line is drawn from top to bottom with a pencil in the middle. Draw two coconuts on the left side and to make them Let’s draw a straight line upwards, after that we make it by giving some gaps to make the top leaves and shading them with the help of a pencil so that the leaves can be made well.

Similarly, we make two trees on one side and one tree on the other side, whose leaves are rubbed well with pencil for shading. as you can see in the Scenery Drawing Easy. After this, to make the tree at a higher place, the pencil is run on it in a pencil manner.


After that, draw the sun in the center of the vertical line, to draw the sun, draw a half-circular line, which looks like a morning sun, from which the sunlight is coming out; Shading with a pencil. The sun is filled with a pencil, and to fill it, its inner part is rubbed with a pencil. After that, to show the sun’s rays shading with a pencil, draw a line around the circular area with a pencil, which is at an angle of 90 degrees.

Looks like it is giving sunlight. side The trees appearing on the side are darkened with the help of a pencil to make the bow appear to be located further away as you can see in the scenery. With the help of a pencil, pay attention to the shading so that the river which is made in a 2D model looks very real. Wherever there is a shadow, the arm makes that area darker.


In this step, we do the shading. Highlights the shown portion well. In this, with the help of a pencil, we darken the river bank and fill it as you can see in the Scenery drawing. Darkens it with pencil and river. Water in the middle of the river, where it seems that the water is shining, that part is highlighted with a pencil so that the water looks like water.

And its flow can be seen easily. To do its entire part, rub the pencil well. The sunlight falling from the sun is shown separately so that it is pleasant to see. While completing them, show them in a good way, work well on them, see whether the shown part is shining or not, and after seeing the complete information, move the pencil lightly. In the manner of showing in this Easy Scenery Drawing, you run the pencil well, below the ear part, which looks like a tree from a distance, makes them close, and shade them with a pencil. I hope you all understand this Scenery Drawing.


In the last, we just darken the shadow part so that it can be seen differently in 2D. Despite that, the leaves of the tree and its bark are well-designed so that they can be seen well. Since this is landscape river scenery, then make it well, to do this, run the pencil well in light mode. I hope you all understand how to draw Scenery.

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