Santa Claus Drawing | Easiest Drawing of Santa Claus

Santa Claus Drawing, Now we will make a drawing of Santa Claus. The one who is wearing a red color dress, basically Santa Claus comes to give gifts to the children on the day of Christmas, people believe. Because of this, some people become Santa Claus and have big beards and mustaches. Wants to know about this Santa Claus Drawing? So you need to read this article very discipline and understand all the points of this Santa Claus Drawing tutorial.

Her dress is of apron type which is made of thick cloth. And the child wears a cap of red color His shoes are of black color which we will draw with the help of pencil He wears a belt over his dress, And after making all these things, we will keep her dress with red color and after dyeing the cap, her shoes are black, then we will use white color on some places of her shoes painted with black color. We will do all these things carefully. The drawing of Santa Claus will not be real to see but will be in a cartoon version.

Material Used in Santa Claus Drawing

To make a drawing of Santa Claus we will use simple egg white sheet paper and pencil, eraser, and sharpener to make a drawing. Will use wax color for coloring.

Step:1 Draw the Circle and Center of the Seat

To draw Santa Claus, first, we will draw a 1 cm circle in the center of the seat. Now moving about 1 cm from the center of the circumference below this, on the left side, a line will be drawn on the slanting side of the page, which will be about 4 cm. You need to follow this beginning step to know how to draw Santa Claus. This Christmas Drawing is very amazing.

Similarly, we will draw the same line on the other side as well, these two lines will not be straight but will be banded in one direction, now we will connect these two lines by drawing another line from below. Then after this, we will connect with another line so that it becomes double this Santa Claus Drawing.

Step:2 Draw Two Small Lines For the Lower Part of the Santa Claus Drawing

Now two small lines should be made from the lower part towards the bottom, moving away from the center, now after giving some gifts, one more line will be drawn on both sides, this is the shape of the feet of Santa Claus.

Now in this, we will draw the shoes of Santa Claus Drawing, for which we will connect the other lines and draw the line from both sides downwards, similarly, we will do the same in the second line. Now having solved them from the front, you will connect them together in a circular manner, so that the shape of shoes will be made on both feet.

Step:3 Draw the Face of Santa Claus

Now we will make the beard and mustache of Santa Claus Drawing, for which we made a circle first, now we will make another small circle in the middle of the same circle, which will be below the center of the big head. Now we will draw lines in the shape of petals on both sides of the circle, then again we will join the bottom line, these two lines will be on both sides, now we will circle And by giving a little gap to the lines made on the edge, we will connect them with two lines.

This is Santa Claus’s mustache and mouth and the small circle we made is his nose. Now the circle we have made from the top side of both sides, giving some gifts for tomorrow, making the Triveni Mill design, will also bring it into shape at the bottom. While doing this, all the lines on the other side will be brought together, and after joining each other, they will come in the shape of Santa Claus’s mustache.

Step:4 Draw Face Parts of Santa Claus

Now we will draw the eyes and eyebrows of Santa Claus, for which we will draw two more circles of the same shape on both sides, just above the circle we have drawn. In the left part, we will draw a line inside the circle, now we will make a thin petal-like drawing on both sides, which are the eyes and eyebrows of Santa Claus, with two straight lines lying above the eyebrows of Santa Claus Drawing.

Lines will be drawn on top of the circle which will be in some gap from each other, now we need a line bending from both sides to the right side. Those who rise above the first one, in which app will they draw the line, the rest will hang their heads like a yellow car. This is the shape of Santa Claus’s cap.

Step:5 Now Santa Claus Drawing Has Been Made

Now first of all we will double all the lines drawn in this drawing with a black marker so that it looks dark after being colored. First of all, we will paint the cap part red color. The bottom two stripes will be left white, we will color her eyes and eyebrows with black color, we will leave a small dot in the middle and her apron will be red.

We will leave the middle part of it as it is, we will keep the clubs he is wearing with green color, rest of his shoes we will paint him with black color. We will do all these steps very carefully so that our drawing of Santa Claus is neat and perfect. Thank you.

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