Rose drawing | Rose Flower Drawing in 4 Steps

Today we are going to make this Rose drawing, the king of flowers, in a simple way. Rose is mostly used by couples. These loving couples give to each other which makes them feel great. Roses of many colors are found in the world. but the basic color of the Rose drawing is pink only It has many petals. The more delicate a rose is, the more thorns are attached to its tree.

In India rose is used more in offering to God. Today we will make a Rose drawing with leaves which looks very beautiful. The one which has 3 roses in bloom and leaves is tied with a chit under it . Generally today we will make Valentine’s Rose Gift. We will make it in a simple way with the help of a pencil. You can make a nice rose by following the steps we will follow. Rose flowers are widely used in decoration.

Material Used in Rose Drawing

To make it simple we need a sheet and an eraser and a pencil. and a sharpener.

Step:1 Start drawing with the Bottom of the Rose Drawing

In this step, we first take the sheet and draw a rose from top to bottom. We first tilt the pencil to the left. Let’s run in the shape of half heart. While doing the same, bring down, now change to the opposite side, and run. Now let’s move the pencil closely.

While making the rose, now move towards its bud from which the rose has emerged, making it as if the rose has emerged from this bud. After making the complete rose, now on its left side make a half-developed rose, for which the pencil moves by pressing it closely as you can see in the drawing. After this, a similar bud is made in its opposite direction and its bud The part from which the bud is coming out is made well, and the side petals outside it which are green, are made in a good way.

Step:2 Draw the Leaves of the Rose Flower

After the formation of all three roses, now we make the branch to which they are attached. For this, The middle ones make roses well. The branch below it which is very straight and comes down to the bottom. Let’s make it. While doing this, they remove one branch from all three roses, and at the end of it, they close them in the shape of a butterfly.

Covers all the branches inside a butterfly cover To make this, the shape of a butterfly is made in a simple way. And make a small circle in its center. Now crossing below it, make all three branches straight, make the middle earring branch straight and cross the remaining 2. Now in the next step, we have made the shape of a butterfly, making a circle in the middle of it, which is right in the middle of the previous circle. As you can see in the drawing of this step.

Step:3 Draw the Full Bunch of Leaves

In this step, we will make the leaves that come out of these branches. To make this, we take out 3 leaves from the first branch on the right side. To make the stem of the branch, first of all, draw a small, oblique line from the bottom of the branch in this Rose Drawing.

Oh After that leaves come out one by one in the same branch. We make all three leaves in our own way, now by doing the same, 4 leaves are made on the branch of the other side as you see in the drawing. The shape is made well to become a leaf. All the leaves are shaped well and run while being made. And give them shape the leaves in a zigzag manner.

Step:4 Rose Drawing is Now Completed

In this step, we will do shading with the help of a pencil. Let’s move on to the rose part by slowly shading all its petals with a pencil. Similarly, they make their branches completely dark black. Shades completely with a pencil. Similarly, do the rest of the 2 roses. And the butterfly-shaped band is also highlighted and shaded. The butterfly part is shaded well and the center which is made of it is shaded well.

holding down the pencil while shading. as you can see in the drawing. The knob at the bottom of the rose drawing is well-made. Shading with a pencil The band that has been put on him. Shading on the leaf we carefully highlight the line between them. While shading, we run holding the pencil well. And prepare the base well with a pencil. Now our drawing is ready. I hope you understand this Rose Drawing.

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