Republic Day Drawing | Easy Colourful Indian Republic Day Drawing

In this Republic Day drawing, we will make today. We know that our country got independence on 15 August 1947. After this, it took 2 years 11 months 18 days to make our constitution. And on 26 January 1950, our constitution was prepared. This year we will celebrate the 73rd republic day.

Today we will make a simple drawing related to the same, in which the color of our tricolor will be. Apart from this, they will be shown with good shading. on which it will be written I love my India. For I love my India, we will denote by heart the love written in the middle of it. And will also write a happy republic day drawing. Will write on January 26 together. And paint all these letters with the color of the tricolor. Come This is what we make in detail.

Material Used in Republic Day Drawing

To make this we will mainly need pencils. And a sharpener, an Eraser, And a white sheet will be required. And for coloring, we will need wax color.


First of all, we take a white paper. on which we have to draw this Republic Day Drawing. Draw a slanting line on the upper part with the help of a pencil. For this, we will divide the parts diagonally on both sides, top and bottom. Now draw a line from the left side of the sheet to the top dimension at an angle of 45 degrees, which goes and meets the top part.

Similarly, it is made on the page below. For this page also, angles are made at an angle of 45 degrees from the bottom. and merge this line to the other side of the page. The dimension of the upper part and the dimension of lower part should be equal as you can see in the photo.


In this step, on one side of the page, draw a straight vertical line of about 4 cm in the shape of a tricolor, near which, by answering 1 mm to that line, draw another straight line near it, Which is set completely with the help of pencil, making it the pillar of the flag, making the upper part of this flag in the shape of a dome.

The upper part of this flag is made in the shape of a dome, for that we run the pencil in the form of a circular tip as you can see in the drawing. Now on the top side, we will make a tricolor see in this, for this, we first make the shape of the flag in the rectangular form in about 2/3 area. Now let’s divide it into three parts, for this in the middle part we make Ashoka Chakra, clearly make all the 24 spokes of Ashoka Chakra.


In this step, instead of making the tricolor straight, we have to make it as if it is blowing in the wind. Now near this, we will write I love my India. We will write an English letter, for which instead of love, we will make the symbol of a heart. I hope you understand this step of Republic Day Drawing.

And its letters will be made so big that the color can be made easily. Now below this, we will write Happy Republic Day. All letters will be made in the capital and just below this we will write January 26. Will also write them in capital letters Will make all of them big enough so that it is easy to color. All of them will be made well, for which they will be well made, which will be good to see. A symbol of a small bird will be made around them.


In this step, We will color it. Simple we will use 3 colors in this. We will paint the upper part with saffron color. But the lower part will be painted green color. We will paint the flag pole black color. And our Indian flag is basically of 3 colors, so the upper part will be lightly colored with saffron and the lower part will be colored with green color. There is Ashok Chakra in the middle and it will be painted blue(Republic Day Drawing).

As Ashok Chakra is made, the color of blue color will run on it. After this, whatever words we have written, we cover the upper part with saffron(Republic Day Drawing). And the bottom part will be colored green. We will leave the middle part as it is, which is white in color already. As you can see in the Republic Day Drawing. Color the marks around the words we have written in black. We will take precautions while doing all these colors.

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