Rabbit Drawing Step By Step | Easy Pencil Drawing

Rabbit Drawing, Now we will make the drawing of a rabbit, which we will make in a simple way, it is of simple white color, we will make it first with the help of a pencil and its ears are standing which are shining light pink. This rabbit also matches some cartoons, for which we will make white cheeks with the help of a pencil, it is very cute and beautiful to look at.

I will draw all the parts neatly with the help of a pencil. While rabbit drawing, we will show it as the father is in a sitting position. The rabbit has both ears erect and its nose is red. It looks just like a cartoon. Many species of rabbits are found all over the world. They are stunning to look at. Their favorite food is carrots. Let us make this rabbit drawing.

The material used in Rabbit Drawing

To make the drawing of the rabbit, we need a white sheet of paper on which we will draw the basic shape first with the help of a pencil, after that we also need an eraser and a sharpener. Darken all the parts with the help of a black marker, after that we will use pink and red colors.

Step:1 Drew Mouth

Taking the seat paper, we will first make a drawing of the rabbit’s face. We will make an oval circle in the shape of an egg that is slanted and tilted. In we will run the pencil by bending it slightly without moving it straight and now we will add it towards the bottom while moving it up in the end part of its upper part, here it will be called the ear.

Now we will draw the ear by pulling one more upwards towards the back of it, now to make its mouth, we will make a small cut in the lower part in front of it. Then after that 3 lines should be done inside it which will be called its mustache. They will come very straight, after that they will give some gifts and draw an Angola, the post will be the eye of a rabbit.

Step:2 Drew Nose and Eye

Now in this step, we will make the eyes of the rabbit and the front part of its mouth. To make this rabbit drawing, we will make a half head tomorrow which will be smaller in front of the big circle. After that below that we will make a big cut which will be called the rabbit’s mouth.

On top of that, we will draw a circle that will be oval, this rabbit’s eye will come tomorrow. Below this, we have three small lines of lightly sculpted lines which will be called mustaches. You can see that we will prepare it while stirring it very gently in this rabbit drawing.

Step:3 Draw Leg and Back

Now this time we will make this rabbit drawing of the rabbit’s back and its four legs, for which we will move the pencil from the peanut to the side of its center and move it backward. Below them, we will draw all four legs, make claws, and move the pencil up and down, because in the sitting condition, for this we will make the figure of two inverted. And to make the tail, we will leave the pencil behind in a crooked way.

To make the four legs, the pencil will move the pencil in a U shape to make Punjab, which will be smaller. And they must be touching each other exactly as you can see in the drawing. After that, we will make the shape of the heart in small sizes around it, which will be all around, these hearts will also be in the shape of a light cartoon.

Step:4 Now Do Colour and Shading

Now we will color the inner part of the ear which we have made with pink color, for which we will feel the inner part of the whole ear gradually increasing with the wax color. And on the part of the mouth, who made Janak, will color it with red color and will also color the tail part with red color.

All the pencil lines will be doubled with the help of a marker. We will come to color its ear part with light pink color and its tail part with dark pink color and whatever heart is made around itWe will paint them with red color, we will do all this work carefully, now our drive is ready to thank you understand this rabbit drawing tutorial.

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