Peacock Drawing in Just 4 Steps | Easy Drawing Tutorial

Peacock Drawing, Today we will make a peacock. Peacock is our national bird. It looks very attractive to see. It is usually of blue and green mixed color. Their wings are very long. And looks very attractive. There are 3 to 4 charming types on his head. Peacock feathers were used by Krishna in his crown. And this feather is used for decoration. Its wings are in the shape of a human eye. Peacocks cannot fly. Today we will make peacocks in a simple way. For this, pay close attention with the help of a pencil.

The material used – We need pencils to make this and also need Eraser, and a sharpener. A black marker is also needed to darken the shape And to color the peacock drawing, you need wax color.

Today we will make it in a few simple steps.

Step 1 – In this, we will make the basic shape of a peacock.

In this, we will draw the shape of the egg in the center of the sheet with light hands. After this, Make this shape exactly in the middle to the shape of a parabola car or an egg shape. Which will be made with a light hand, just above it, on the left side, to make a small egg in the shape of another one.

After that, with light hands, we will mix it below in a parabolic shape. The other side will also be joined to the lower part in the same way as you can see in the Peacock drawing. Now inside the shape of the bigger egg, some shapes are made from the bottom to the top. and for that, we prepare well, anymore. After this we make the back part of the peacock Make the tail part bigger than the pencil and the next part.

Step 2 Draw The Shape of the Back Part of the Peacock Drawing

In this, we make a good shape for which the back part. After this, its claws are made, with a pencil, the claws are made lightly, in which one leg is towards the front and the other is towards the back, and fill their wings, in which the back part of their wings is an eye shape. And after that fill them well. Now convert the shape of the egg which is made in the middle into the shape of a wing.

For which we give the shape of wings in between them. We make 8 eye shape marks on its wings. after which draws them well. Now let’s draw the peacock’s mouth, for this its beak is made. To make the beak, a straight tip is made first with a pencil. To make the beak is made in the shape of a long triangle and then its middle part is joined joining it from one side to the other.

Step 3 Now Draw the Head and Beak of the Peacock Drawing

After this, We will darken all its parts with the help of a marker, after setting all the particulars, we run the marker on it, make the eye part well and make the beak in 2D. Whichever one likes. Rubbing the claws well. Draw all the front parts with a pencil, then with a marker, draw the wings of the abdomen. It is made as if the flow is coming forward and it seems to be thick.

After that do good shading. clean toenails. After this, after doing all these works, we will color it. Multi-colored peacocks are found in the world. but simply we will make the Indian Peacock which is of green color on the sky which looks very attractive.

Step 4 – Color and shading

In this step, we will color the peacock. For which we will use wax color. We will paint the front part of the peacock with sky blue color. We will paint the sky blue color all the way down to the sides of the edge leaving the lighter part in the middle. Now paint the back side with green color.

We will paint the middle part with both brown and dark brown colors. The dark green color is used in a small part of the tail for the shading of the color. Similarly, shading will be done on the next part with blue color. The feathers of his head are colored green. And paint his paws with yellow color. Now our peacock Drawing is ready. I hope You all like this peacock drawing, If you like this peacock drawing so please share this blog as much as possible.

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