Parrot Drawing in Just 5 Easiest Steps

So, friends, we welcome you to today’s blog post. In this drawing tutorial, we have provided a parrot drawing. To make it, this parrot drawing will be made with the help of very few things that do not require any special things.

We have to take care of some things in a very important way, like we have to pay attention to the mistakes, like what kind of mistake should not be made and what should be done so that this drawing looks absolutely perfect. To make this parrot drawing, we have provided some steps, in which we have explained in very good detail how step-by-step we have to perform while making this type of drawing.

We considered the video tutorial most important to make this Parrot drawing. With the help of video tutorials, beginners will also be able to make this Parrot drawing very easily, which is a very good thing.

Material Used in Parrot Drawing

To make the drawing of the parrot, we first need a white sheet of paper on which a pencil, eraser, and sharpener will be used to make the drawing. Will use wax color for coloring. To make a parrot drawing, we will follow some simple steps which are as follows.

Step:1 Drew Basic Shape

To start drawing a parrot, we’ll start by drawing the parrot’s head on the page. For we will keep the pencil on the side above the left side of the page and move 5 cm on the right side in a circular shape and bring it down, after that we will take the same line to the back side. Where the back of the parrot is, its wings are near the back of the parrot.

To make the wings, we will first move the pencil backward on the opposite side, which will make a feather on the winged part. After that, leaving the place of the beak, we will run the pencil on the lower side, to make the front part, we will run the pencil by tilting it forward so that it can make the stomach part. We will make the parrot drawing very well. Leaving the beak part blank, we will draw the thought there in the next step.

Step:2 Drew Beak and Eye

Now we will make the parrot’s beak and eye to make the parrot’s drawing which we have made from the side of the head. We will draw a small circle in the middle of the head and neck shape. Because the parrot’s eye is round, this circle will be very small, in the middle of it we will draw another circle which we will color later.

Now to make the beak part, we will move the pencil forward in the shape of a cone, its upper beak is bent down towards the front. And the bottom part of the beak is mixed in it, so for this, we will make it very slowly with the help of a pencil, then cut it with a middle line and join it.

Step:3 Drew Wing and Parrot’s Tail

Now we will make the parrot’s wing and parrot’s tail part in the parrot drawing where we left the tip of the pencil to make the parrot’s tail part, From there, we will draw a line backward, which will be going down in a diagonal direction, at a distance of this, we will draw another line, then we will connect it with another line.

As you can see in the drawing, in the drawing of the parrot, we will draw a line in the middle of it because the feather is full, in the feather part, we will run the pencil in a circular shape. Downwards then after that draw some lines in its middle which are inside the wing and you can see them in the drawing.

Step:4 Drew Parrot’s Paws and Branch

Now in the drawing of the parrot, we will make the paws of the parrot and the branch of the tree on which the parrot is sitting. To make the doll of the tree, we will draw the shape of the branch. We have first drawn a line from the back of the parrot’s tail, which will pass through its legs and divide it into two branches.

To make his legs, from the lower part of his abdomen, we will draw two lines downwards, we will mix them with the branch of the tree, and double the branch of the tree with another line. Then on its left side part, we will draw two or three-leaf apples as you can see in the drawing parrot is sitting on the branch of the tree. We will do this work slowly with a pencil.

Step:5 Coloring and Shading

Will fill in the color in the drawing of the parrot, first of all, we will double the number of lines we have made with the help of a black marker. Will run the black marker on it so that it can see the lines dark. Now we will lightly color green color in all the parts except the parrot’s eye and beak and feet.

And we will color the branch of the tree with brown color, we will color the leaves on it with green color, and color the parrot’s beak with red color, the parrot looks very good in the drawing of the parrot, For this, we will color very slowly, pay more attention to shading and highlighting, do all these things carefully, now our parrot drawing is ready.

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