Nose Drawing | Pencil Sketch of Nose Drawing in 5 Steps

Nose Drawing, So Hello friends, welcome back to online learning info. In today’s Blog we will tell you basically how to draw a nose, which doesn’t look like cartoon or anything, it looks real like the humans have. So, it is going to be very interesting and you will learn properly how to draw a easy nose in just five easy steps. Therefore, without wasting any time let’s get started.

Step 1 Draw the circle

So guys, here is the first step to draw this drawing. So in this step, first of all if you need some guidelines for your own understanding you can draw them for your own kind information. After you have drawn guidelines first of all you will draw a circle on the middle of the page or wherever you are going to draw the nose. Use a compass to draw the circle don’t draw it free handed because it may look so messy. I hope you all understand how to draw nose easy.

Step 2 Draw a bit small circle

So basically we drew a circle on the middle of the page earlier. In this step, we are going to first of all draw a bit small circle on the right hand side of the circle. Draw this circle also with the use of a compass don’t use your free hand. In case, if you are well confident to use a free hand and make a perfect Circle then you may proceed.

Step 3 Draw 2 straight line

So guys here is the third step of this gorgeous nose drawing easy. Previously you drew the two circles in this step you have to draw a third circle of the same size of the. Second circle and at the left size of the big circle. after drawing the all three circles you have to draw 2 straight line from both sides of the middle circle from where the other two circles are touch it. Don’t draw too dark lines just draw a very light lines.

Step 4 Draw two nose holes

In this step you have to first of all, draw two nose holes as shown in the figure above after that draw the both the side parts of the nose draw all of them roughly after it, make them properly and shade them. You know how to shade is where the light falls no need to shade there and the area where the light doesn’t fall or reach properly shade that area.

Step 5 Erase all the extra touch lines

In this previous step you have made the whole nose in this step we will rub the shades area with a piece of cotton or small paper piece. And yes, erase all the extra touch lines which you had drawn before shading only so that it doesn’t create any issue. I hope you understood how to make the drawing of a easy nose.

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