Naruto Drawing | Pencil Drawing in 5 Steps – With Images

Naruto Drawing, Today we will make Naruto Uzumaki’s drawing, Naruto Uzumaki is a cartoon character. This character is from a Japanese cartoon where fighting is a special character. His hair stands erect and he wears a band in his hair. This character is liked very much by the children.

The eyes of this character are perfect, its cheeks are spread, and all its parts will be made very slowly, it is very nice to see. To make Naruto drawing, first with the help of a pencil, we will make its base, after that we will set it with the help of a pencil so that it can be made well and will do all the work carefully. This cartoon character named Naruto Uzumaki is a Japanese character who teaches motivation and good things to kids.

Material Used in Naruto Drawing

1 HB pencil, 1 MM pencil, 2 MM Pencil,
Eraser, Sharpener, 1 piece of tissue paper, 1 white sheet.

Some simple steps.

Step:1 Drew Face Cut

To make a Naruto drawing, we will take a white sheet of paper and draw a vertically lying line at a distance from its center. not straight but slightly sloping downwards. You will ask the line in a circular shape downwards from both sides of this line, which comes from above will meet at some distance, this is the shape of Naruto’s face.

We will make this face cut inside a circular apple after which we will set it slowly with the help of a pencil. So that the drawing of the face cut can be seen very well, the length of which we have lined up should be about 5 cm. Which you can see in the Naruto drawing.

Step:2 Drew hair and headband

After drawing the face cut of Naruto Uzumaki’s drawing, we will remove the drawing of the hair on his head and the drawing of a bandage on his head. To draw the drawing of her hair, we’ll first run the pencil around the top of the head, moving it up and down.

since it’s a cartoon character. So her hair design is also slightly different. In Nauto drawing Easy, the importance of his hair is the most because we will double the bandage tied on it with the help of a line. And will join both sides, this will make the shape of the strap circular shape so that it appears to be tied to the head on this Naruto Drawing.

Step:3 Draw ear and mouth

We do up and down from both sides. After making the line, we will leave some parts of the top empty so that the upper part of the Naruto drawing step by step can look different. After completing all the parts of Naruto Uzumaki’s hair, now we will make a team of his songs, under the strip we will move away from the line with the help of a pencil and make a lineup and down, then join it with the bottom one. Similarly, after making its face cut, in the middle, we will make a circle shape in the shape of a curve, which will be wide open.

Step:4 Draw Eyebrows

Now we will make a drawing of Naruto Uzumaki’s eyebrow. on top of this draw three red lines in the cheek area and draw the shape of the eyes on both sides and above it so that it looks very good. make a hair clip, For which we will cut near the hair itself so that it looks good. And will draw the shape of its eyebrows above the eyes.

For we will run the pencil in the shape of two minor cuts on the inner side under the strap. For the shape of its eye, we will make only a small line, just for which we will drag the line from top to bottom. And in the middle of the strip, we will make a drawing of a design that you can see on a train or a Japanese word.

Step:5 Painting and Shading

Now we will do the painting and shading of all the parts for which we will first run the pencil lightly on all the parts. After that, we will make it even with the help of tissue paper, and we will do all the work carefully and very easily in this Naruto Drawing Easy.

There should not be any mistake with this, step by step we will set all the parts with eyes and we will darken the emotion completely. We will run the pencil well on the strip part, now our drawing is ready, here naruto drawing will look very beautiful.

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