Moon Drawing Step By Step For Beginners

Moon Drawing, Today we will make a drawing of the moon. The Moon is the satellite of the Earth, it revolves around the Earth, and the distance of the Moon from the Earth is about 384400. All the planets in a massive galaxy revolve around the Sun. The Earth revolves around the Sun but the Moon revolves around the Earth. The gravity on the Moon is 1/6 that of the Earth. We will first draw a circle with the help of a pencil to draw the moon, after that we will draw its internal shape with the help of a pencil.

Armstrong was the first person to reach the Moon from Earth. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, followed by Venus. The shape of the moon is round. There is no atmosphere on it, which it is difficult for humans to live there because humans need oxygen to breathe and water to drink. Which is not present on the moon.

The material used in Moon Drawing

1 white sheet paper, 1 pencil, 1 sharpener, 1 Eraser, and 1 black marker.

Some simple steps to make a Moon drawing.

Step:1 Drew circle shape

First of all, to make the drawing of the moon, we will make a circle with a 2 cm radius in the middle of the page. After making the circumference of the head, we will draw the black marker headline on its circumference. We will draw the circle with the help of a compass.

We will keep the tip of the compass in the middle of the page and increase its radius by 2 cm and rotate the pencil around. Due to this the shape of the circle will be made. After making the circle of the moon, we will use a dark black marker on its edge.

Step:2 Coloring

After making the shape of the head in the drawing of the moon, we will completely blacken the entire page black with the help of a black marker on the outside of the moon. For we will first use the black marker to block it by running around the circle with light hands. Then slowly running the black marker on the entire part of the page will make it black. Because the color of the space is black. We will block its surface completely so that the shape of the moon can be clearly seen.

Step:3 Fill with pencil

Now we will make the shape of the spots on their moon drawing with the help of a pencil, first of all, we will fill the circle with light hands completely and take care. We will run the pencil with light hands by tilting it completely, here we will use a 1mm pencil. We will run the pencil with our hands completely tilted. Because the entire surface of the Moon is rough to see from a distance.

Step:4 Drew stain on the moon

Now with the help of Hussain’s pencil, on this Moon drawing which is made of threads, first of all, by running it lightly, we will make a mark on one side of it closely. For we will run the pencil in a black way with light hands and darken the spots on the upper part of the moon. On the periphery of the Moon, we will make the drawing of spots very slowly because there are many craters in the shape of the Moon Drawing.

Step 5 – Shading and highlighting

Now we will do his Moon drawing shading and highlighting. We will use the pencil very lightly. To whom will all its parts be set. And we will make it so that it looks absolutely real, we will carefully use pencil and color to make it. So that there is no mistake. There are many pits and mountains on the surface of the Moon, so we have to run the pencil in the same way to make their shape in this Moon Drawing.

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