Lily Flower Drawing in 4 Steps | Pencil Drawing

Today we will draw a Lily flower Drawing. The Lily flower drawing is beautiful and fragrant. Many species of lilies are found all over the world. These are mainly white in color. Which are very beautiful to see. This beautiful plant enhances the beauty of your home and garden, due to which its popularity is very high. Its plants are tough, Their buds look very nice.

Today we will make Lily well, we will learn to make all its buds step by step. And lily is also a symbol of peace. It looks very nice. Multiple modes to see all sides of it We will make it well on blank paper with the help of a pencil so that all its parts can be shown properly. Apart from this, will work closely on all its parts.

The Lily flower is very beautiful. Today we will learn about Lily by taking all its information about how to make a flower. How to make it in 2d. That’s why we know Lily very well that Lily flower is very nice to see. This is a very popular plant. But the middle part will be made very carefully in the drawing of Lily Flower.

Material Used in Lily Flower Drawing

To make this, we generally need a pencil and a piece of chart paper on which we will make it. And an eraser and a sharpener with the help of which we will peel the pencil and erase what is written on it. And after that, we will need a black marker. wax color set for coloring.

Step:1 Draw the Shape and Structure of the Lily Flower Drawing

First of all, we take white paper and draw a circle with a 1mm radius in its center with the help of a pencil. Now considering it as the center, first of all, make a bud out of it. by which it is made by moving slowly upwards S Slowly going up and tilting slightly to the side, the pencil moves as you can see in the Lily Flower drawing.

And After going up about 2 inches, it comes back in the same way as it went up, which becomes a bud as you can see in the drawing. Now let’s make 2 more buds like this, which are made in a triangle shape, slowly the pencil is made 120 degrees from the center of the first earbud, the second bud is made and in the same way, the third bud is made. that’s how it’s made As soon as all three buds are formed, you can see how it is made in the drawing.

Step:2 Draw 3 More Petals

Now in the next step, we will make its other parts. Now we make 3 more petals from the center of this. But these petals are little smaller than the first earring petals, for which we draw and make them in a cast way after making all three petals of this Lily Flower Drawing.

After all these formations, a total of 6 buds have been formed. It is made in the form of a rounded flower, its shape is rounded or circular. , Now in its center, we will make all the lily flower details which look very nice. Such a portion is made very well with the cleanliness of the hands. As you can see in the drawing.

Step:3 Now Draw the Stemen Area in Details

Now we draw some details in the stemen area, slowly drawing details one by one in the middle of the 6 petals. As you can see in the Easy Lily Flower drawing. Now in the part of the circular shape we made in the middle of it, we now connect 6 stemen areas to it, make it well, and do light shading with a pencil.

Rubbing is done well in the center part, it is made well. The shading is done with a light hand pencil so that the well-fed center area is visible. Now we make a small stem on the top, a small stem emerges from both sides and a bud of a little lily emerges from both sides as you can see in the drawing of our next step of this Lily Flower Drawing Easy.

Step:4 Lily Flower Drawing is Done

Step 4 – A lily leaf emerges from the buds on the right side. And now I draw the stem of the lily from the bottom of the stem, before drawing a straight line downwards with the help of a pencil, then double it by giving a gap of 1 mm. Now a lily leaf emerges from the side of this stem and one leaf emerges as if it is behind the lily flower, for that a leaf emerges from the middle of the 2nd number petal from below.

After this we color with the help of wax color, for this, we do 4 colors, First, we fill the area of ​​lily flower with light pink color, then fill it with dark pink color from the center so that the middle color can be clearly known. Now we fill its bud stem with light green After that fill them with dark green as you

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