How to draw a House | Pencil Drawing in 5 steps

How to draw a House, Wish you a very warm welcome to us all for visiting our blog. So in today’s Blog post, we will tell you how to draw a small, tiny, mini house. Here is a picture of a small house which we will tell you how to draw it. So without wastage any time let’s get started.

Friends, whatever material will be required to make this drawing, complete information has been given about all those things, with the help of which we will get a lot of help in making this drawing. Whatever material has been used, the information about all of them is very well given in the paragraph below(How to draw a House).

Material Used in this House Drawing

Drawing Sheet, Size According to you.

2B, 6B Sketch Pencil




So, friends, this is the material that has been used to make this drawing. There are many things that you will need to keep in mind if you want to make this drawing well. I will explain properly how to draw a house step by step. In the next article, I will provide how to draw a house 3d.

Step:1 Draw the Structure of House(How to draw a House)

So guys here is the first step, from where we are going to begin this beautiful drawing. So let’s get begin, first of all, we will focus on the main entrance door, which is in the middle of the drawing. So to draw it, first of all, draw a rectangular shape neither very big nor too small for the door as it is the main gate after that draw a few five to six stairs below it(how to draw a big house).

To make the door look more beautiful, draw a smaller rectangle than the rectangle you drew for the gate and shade that portion, the gap between the two rectangles, and draw a door knob also and a circle on the upper side of the gate, which is divided into four parts. To make the door look more beautiful you may also draw your own designs.

Step:2 Draw the Doors of House

So guys we are done with the main door. Now, let’s come and examine other areas. so first of all the place where you have drawn the door and the stairs, enclose the area in a rectangular shape from the bottom and a triangular shape at the top and then again draw the same shape first triangle and then draw a smaller triangle inside it and make it look wide.

Step:3 Now we have to draw the Window and Chimney

So guys the entrance door is done the main gate outer structure is done. Now, we will make windows and the ground floor beside either side of the outer structure of the gate. First, on either side make two rectangles, and above those make a roof as you can see in the image. The roof should be bigger than the room or the rectangular shapes you drew.

Draw the roof on either side. After that at either side of the entrance gate in each rectangular shape draw the windows. To draw the window make a medium size square and draw vertical and horizontal lines inside the square at equal distances in either of the rectangle.

Step:4 Properly Draw the Ground Floor

The ground floor is done in this step we will draw the first floor (above the ground floor). So to make it at one corner of your small house draw the shape which you draw in the outer structure of the entrance gate.

After that for the remaining part draw the same shape after that make their separate roofs and after that make the two windows in one of the shapes and one gate in the shape which you drew one corner above the ground floor. To draw the gate draw the outer structure of the gate and make the designs of the gate after that make the windows follow the same as told to you in the earlier step.

Step:5 House Drawing is Done

In this step you will, first of all, outline the drawing with a black thin sketch pen. After that, you will do the shading part, and do the shading part properly. Shade the roofs of both (the ground floor and the first floor) dark and the rest of the drawing would be shaded light. After your shading part is completed, your drawing(how to draw a house) is ready to be presented. I hope you all understand how to draw a house easily. I hope you understand how to draw a house.

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