House Drawing | Easy 5 Steps of House Sketch

House Drawing, Today we have two stores tinny house which It has 4 windows and is made with the help of simple scale and pencil. Which is made like a hill house. Whose roof is made of a triangle size? We did not provide this drawing on our blog earlier. Today, for the first time, we are providing this and want that whatever response we get, should be positive so that a good message reaches people. This house drawing easy has been explained in a very good way in five steps.

Material Used in House Drawing

HB, 2B 6B Sketch Pencil

A4 Size Drawing Sheet




These are some important materials that are needed to make this drawing. There are many things, if you follow all the things in a perfect way, then in the coming time, you will be able to make these types of drawings in a very good way, that too without any problem. All I want from all of you is that if you have come to this article of ours, then you must learn something or the other from here so that we get the satisfaction that the information we have shared is valuable.

Step:1 Draw the Structure of the House

Draw a lying down the line on the bottom side which length is about 5 Inches. Draw a vertical line of two and a half inches on both sides. Then leaving a gap of 2 inches draw on both sides 2 and half-inch vertical lines. Make 4 stairs in the middle and make a gate on top of it. Made it in a triangle shape as shown in the House sketch drawing. A simple window was made on both sides.

Step:2 Draw the Roof of the House

After this, make a roof on the top, which is simply To be filled in with pencil as shown in the drawing. If you have understood this step completely, then read all the steps ahead carefully so that you do not have to face any kind of problem while making the drawing. I hope you can draw this drawing very well without making any mistakes.

Step:3 Now we have to draw the Floor

Now for the second floor, in a simple way, make a vertical line from both sides of the roofs. By giving a gap of 1 and a half inches from the other side of the roof, made another vertical line whose length is equal to the size of the other two lines.

A simple gate was made between these two vertical lines with the help of pencil and scale. After this, make 2 windows in the middle of the second two lines, which look very simple. Normally, to give the shape of the lattice, draw vertical 4 lines, then draw horizontal 4 lines on these. Do the same in both windows. I hope you understand the step of a Simple house drawing

Step:4 Draw Line to Cover the Roof of House

Now to cover the roof, draw a line from the left side in a triangle shape at an angle of about 45 degrees, which comes up to the middle, then from the right side with another line. Draw a second line at a 45-degree angle that intersects the first line. Similarly, draw a line from the right side at a 45-degree angle. Draw a line at 45 degrees from the middle to the second line. As shown in the Easy House drawing.

Step:5 House Drawing is Completed

In this step, we will darken the roof portion with the help of a pencil. For which 2mm or 1mm pencil will be used. Draw light grass on both sides of the house with the help of a pencil. So here is the drawing that is finished. Remembering all the things that have been understood in making this House drawing, start making the drawing, this will increase your confidence level in making the House drawing as well.

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