Hibiscus flower drawing | Drawing in Just 4 Steps

Hibiscus flower drawing, Today we will draw the Hibiscus flower in a simple way. The Hibiscus flower has many colors in the world. These are mainly of three to four colors. They are yellow red and peach in color. The Hibiscus flower looks very nice. In India, the hibiscus flower is used in offering to God. The Hibiscus flower is also used in the beauty of the body. Hibiscus flower tea is also made.

The Hibiscus flower is very beautiful to see, It has about 5 petals. Which today we will make it in a simple way with the help of a pencil and the steps done in it, We will make all its parts well. we make it, After this, we will do shading well with a pencil. Will do the work by taking good care of all the things. Let’s Start drawing of Hibiscus Flower Drawing.

Material Used in Hibiscus Flower Drawing

The material used – 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, and 1 HB pencils are taken. So that we can draw. And take a white paper on which drawing can be done. and a scale from which to draw the line. And for coloring, we use wax color.

Step:1 Draw the Canter of Hibiscus Flower Drawing

Today we drew a hibiscus flower. First of all, we draw a tube in the center to make a hibiscus flower. Let’s draw a circle of 1mm in diameter considering it as the center and make a tube as you can see in the Hibiscus Flower drawing. After drawing a tube of about 2 and a half centimeters, draw stemen in its upper part, for which stemen is made well in knob type.

Let’s draw the stemen in a curly shape, keeping the parts equal from both sides. Cut the stem in the middle and make a mark in the middle between all its parts as you can see. After that, three tips emerge on the side above the stem. After this, they are given good shading in between as you can see in the photo. After this, in the next step, we see that it gives good brightness. Above these, we draw a circle with a diameter of about 0.5 mm.

Step:2 Draw the all Petals and Stemen of the Hibiscus Flower

We know that hibiscus has 5 petals. Whose first petal we make by bending about 50 degrees of stemen. Make the same way from the other side as you can see in the Hibiscus Flower Drawing. Whose petals are made? Very wobble does in its own way. Doing well, shading well.

As soon as it is shown, the petal made should appear to be tilted, for that, it is made by bending it slightly. After this making, it well makes up to 5 petals The petal that comes out from near the tube is made well by making it near the upper stem. It is made from the same. Rubbing it well while making it. After this, we become ready to do well, which you do with attention. I hope you understand this step of Hibiscus Flower Drawing.

Step:3 Now Draw the Leaves

In this step, we will make the leaves of the hibiscus flower Drawing, for which two leaves will be made coming out from both sides of the hibiscus. A leaf emerges from the middle of the 4-5 petals on the top of the hibiscus, for which it becomes a leaf. for which we make the leaf in a zigzag manner and as you can see in the drawing.

While making this, we make the middle part of the leaf. Rubbing well while making the middle part. Now in the last step, we do the same by paying attention to the color. While making it well, we make it while doing dubbing. about what we know next.

Step:4 In the last we have to learn how to fill Colour in Hibiscus Flower Drawing

In these steps, we will learn to color or color the photo. For this, we know that there are many colors of Hibiscus flowers. But today we will use only 3 types of colors. First of all, we will color the whole hibiscus light pink, and after that, we will color the center part again with dark color. Now as you can see in the steps. Now after that color the part near the center with dark pink color.

After this, flowers first color the stem area yellow, then color them with orange color and color the top side part. Now for the leaf, first color it with normal green, then color it dark green and the middle part of the leaf is visible well and the middle of the leaf.

Precautions – While making it, we should do it with a simple pencil with light hands and reduce mistakes so that the eraser is used less. And the color should be used carefully. I hope you all understand this article of Hibiscus Flower Drawing.

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