Hands Drawing | Drawing in 3 Steps

Hands Drawing Step by Step. Friends with today’s new blogpost we are ready to make this drawing. So friends, in this article, we have explained well how to draw Hands drawing. It is a request to all of you that if you want to draw this legs in different types in the same way, then this is the most important topic. You will get to see these types of drawings updates regularly if you want more new types of drawings. We have given some steps of this hands drawing, in which it is well explained that how this drawing can be made easily.

Hands Drawing Image

hands drawing

Friends, we have presented the image of this Hands Drawing in front of you so that you can know what kind of drawing category we want to bring in front of you. Different types of people like different types of drawings, similarly we have also provided many categories of drawings so that we are going to get the experience of many different drawings.

In today’s time, more new types of drawings and arts have been created, which are very amazing to look at. All of you must have seen many types of drawings, but we are presenting the most different types of drawings in this article and will continue to surprise you by providing new types of Hands Drawing in the same way.

Now it is the turn to read the steps of this article which is very important for us. In all the steps, it has been told to draw from different places, so we will start with the first steps, which will be very important because the basic should be the most important, due to which we have to lay the foundation of the drawing.


So friends, first of all let us talk about the above two hands which can be drawn very easily. Friends, for some reason, we are not providing tutorial right now, so now you have to make the drawing from these steps only. We have given complete steps to make this drawing.

If you read these steps thoroughly, then you will definitely be able to succeed in making this drawing. First of all, we have to make the outline of the hands to draw the upper hands, for that we have to start making this drawing with the help of guidelines. First of all we have to draw the shape of the fingers. Now we have to draw thumb and palm which can be drawn very easily.


Friends, this is our second step. In this step, we have to draw both the middle hands. The fingers of the first hand should be on the upper side and the fingers of the second hand should be on the bottom side. I want you to understand this step very well so that you do not face any kind of problem in making this drawing. First of all we have to draw the first hand.

To draw the first hand, we have to draw the shape of the fingers and then draw the nails. At last we have to draw the palm and sketch the hand itself. Now we will draw the other hand. To draw the other hand, we have to follow the same method. In this method, we have to draw by keeping the fingers facing down. And in this method we have to draw the fingers open. Lastly, we have to draw the palm of the other hand as well. If you have understood this step, then definitely read the last step below.


Friends, this is our last step. In this step, we have to draw the last hand which is placed at the bottom. To draw this hand also we will need the same method which we used to draw the rest of the hands.

To draw this hand, first of all we have to draw the shape of the hand. To draw the shape well, definitely read the image so that you can understand how the shape of this hand will be drawn. If you have understood how to draw the shape then you are able to draw this hand further. Now we have to draw the thumb.

To draw the thumb, it is very important to draw a parallel line, which will be very beneficial in making this drawing look good. After this we have to draw the nail of the thumb which looks very beautiful. If you have completely drawn the thumb, now we have to draw the fingers. First of all, we have to draw the first finger which we have to show completely even while drawing. After drawing this finger, we have to draw half of the rest of the fingers because they are covered by the front finger.