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Frog Drawing, Friends, today we will make a drawing of a frog drawing, which is sitting on the branch of a tree, whose eyes are big, there are many types of species all over the world, but we will make one of them. It is wonderful to see. In the drawing of the tree frog, we will make its eyes very big and here it is a bit strange to see, so we will make its drawing in the same way.

Its mouth is open and here it seems to be climbing the mountain, both its hands are on the branch of the tree and it is trying to climb on the right side tree, what is looking very beautiful to see. We will make it in a simple way, for which we will prepare the drawing by setting it with the help of a pencil.

The material used in Frog Drawing

To make the Frog drawing, we will take a white sheet of paper and draw the drawing with the help of a pencil: Along with this, only one eraser and one sharpener are also needed.

Step:1 Drew’s eye and forehead

To make the frog drawing, first of all, we will draw a horizontal line on the seat paper, then in the middle of it, cut it with another vertical line in the plus shape. Now draw a circle at a distance of about 1 cm from the center on both sides. The radius of the circle will be 0.4 mm.

This circle will be drawn on both sides of the center. Now draw another small circle in the middle of this circle. We have made both the worship circles, they will not be completely round but will be in oval shape. The circle in the middle of this will be touching one side, now we will connect these two with a line that will be a part of the circular line.

Step:2 Drew Mouth and Tongue

Now we will draw an oval line on both sides of the tree frog’s forehead part above the eye. Then after that on the lower part of the eye, draw a small line bent outwards on both sides. Then after that, we will connect this line from both sides by bending it inwards in a bigger size.

Which will be in the shape of a cone. We will draw a frog drawing carefully. Now we will draw another line in the middle of each, which will be the tongue of the frog. We will double it from the front so that the shape of the tongue is complete.

Step 3 – drew belly and basic shape

We will make the stomach and hands of the frog drawing. Now we have drawn the shape of the mouth. From both sides of his mouth, we will draw two more lines for which we made the plus shape.

Below the horizontal line of the same, we will draw a less oblique line, now on both sides of this, we will draw both the lines from the neck part of Medak, one line will be smaller than the other line. Now we’ll draw his hands right here. First, we’ll draw a small circle on the left side.

Step:4 Drew both hands

Here we will follow some steps to make the frog hands. let’s see as you can see us. To make the left side hand, we first make a cone shape on the left side of the mouth.

Now we will draw a circle in the center of this, now by bringing this line downwards, we will draw a circle there, now we will draw 3 lines from the middle of this circle which will go opposite to each other.

We will now draw three more small circles near them. By doubling this line from both sides, we will convert it into the shape of the hands, on the side of one hand, we will make three fingers and on the side of the other hand, we will make four fingers.

Near the right hand, we will also make a drawing of his leg which will seem to be coming out from below, and make some of his fingers as you can see in the frog drawing.

Step:5 Do Shade and Highlights

Now in this step, we will do the coloring and shading of all the parts of the frog drawing, for which we will first fill a cone-shaped shape in the middle of the eye part with black color.

Now only after that, we will fill the circle in the middle with black color completely, we will slowly fill all its outer parts with black lines, and now we will set and shade the inner parts with the color of the pencil.

We will give lighting to the creature, we will set it properly, and we will shed the things of the tree frog while setting it. what we have made of a tree branch, The one on which Medak is climbing, we will show it well by slowly shading with pencil, as you can see in the drawing, we will do all this work carefully

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