Flower Drawing | Rose Flower Pencil Sketch in 5 steps

Rose Flower Drawing, Welcome back to our blog, guys, In today’s Blog we are going to tell you to draw a flower. A gorgeous, adorable rose flower. We will divide the flower into some parts and then draw it in a few steps in each step we will tell you to draw a specific part of a flower. So now let’s start without wastage any time.

There are many things in this rose flower drawing that will teach you how to sketch. You will get many benefits if you try your best to make this drawing. If you try, you can gain a lot of knowledge with drawing skills, that too very well. This type of Drawing is a life changing pencil sketch that is very effective.

Material Used In this Flower Drawing

A4 Size Drawing Sheet

HB, 2B, 6B Sketch Pencil


Blending Stump


You will definitely need this material, so if you want to make the Flower drawing, then before that you must have this material so that there is no shortage after making the drawing of Rose Flower. Below we have given five steps that are very important. Read and understand all the steps one by one, then after understanding, start making this Flower Drawing Easy. Read all the steps and then take action for this pencil sketch.

Step:1 Draw the Shape of a Rose Flower

So guys here is the first step to Flower drawing the gorgeous flower drawing. So first of all identify the various parts of the flower. As you can see, there are around four parts of the flower. They are – the stem, the leaves the sepal, and the petals of the flower.

So in this step, we will draw the petals of the flower. So to draw the petals, you know it’s the rose flower and the petals are one over another so first draw two or three petals and then over then draw more petals. When you draw the outermost petals make them folded from the edges.

Step:2 Now Draw the Leaf of the Flower

So only the petals part has been done still we have the rest three parts of the flower left so in this step we will draw the sepal. So as the flower has blossomed the sepal of the flower is opened and it’s the accessory of the flower hence, it is divided into four parts. So to draw it draws four leaf-like small structures one on the right side, one on the left, and the remaining two in the middle of the both right and left sepals.

Step:3 Now draw the Left Part of the Flower Leaf

So the petals and the sepal part are done. Now the left parts are the leaves and the stem. So let’s begin with the stem first and then at last we will do the leaves part. So to draw the step start from below the petals and between the sepals draw a vertical line there extending to the edge of the page.

Now, draw another line beside that line only because the stem of a flower is a bit thick not so thin. So to give a thicker look draw another line beside the first vertical line and extend that line also to the edge of the paper.

Step:4 Draw Leaf Completely

So here is the fourth step for this drawing. In this step, the last part left of the drawing is the leaves part. So, in this step we will draw three leaves and also there are spikes on the stem of the rose flower. So we will draw the spikes also.

First to draw the leaves give them the outer structure of the leaf then draw various veins on the upper part of the flower the visible part di the same as the rest of the leaves just remember that the size of the leaves should differ from each other. At last, make at least four to five spikes on the stem of the flower.

Step:5 Flower Drawing is Completed

So guys all the rest of the things are done but one most important thing let ft is the shading part. To do the shading, do first the shading with the pencil on the outer side of the petals, sepal, stem, and spikes. After that take an earbud and rub the areas where you did shading to give the flower drawing a finished look and boom the Flower drawing had been completed.

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