Fish Drawing | Step By Step Drawing in 4 Steps

Today we will make a fish drawings. Fish are found in water. There are many species of fish. The size of the fish is small as well as big. Whale fish is the largest fish in the world. Which is found in the sea. The color of the fish varies. Today we will make a similar fish which is multi-colored. The fish whose color is pale sky and saffron. Fishes breathe through their lungs.

Which is looking very beautiful. We will make it well with the help of a pencil. The eyes of a fish are round, its mouth is small and the mouth of a big fish is big. The world’s largest fish named Whale is 40 feet in length. The fish here is so big that it can even swallow an elephant. The fish that we will make has 3 fins and there are drops of water in front of the mouth.

Material Used in Fish Drawing

To make a drawing of a fish, we need a pencil, a sharpener, and an eraser. A white sheet is needed for the Fish Drawing on which to draw. and wax color to color the fish.

Step:1 Draw the Structure of Fish Drawing

First of all, take a piece of white paper and make a fish in its center, we will make the fish in simple steps by keeping the pencil in one place. Moving the tip of the pencil lightly on the top side of the page, making a parabola. Then, in the same way, move the pencil downwards the same way.

Moving the pencil further make its face exactly one mm, Now make the back part of the fish, which has its tail, which is made in the shape of half an egg, take the pencil on the upper side and then come down like a fan and add it to the center, same process applied below. Wings are made like this in perfect parabola type. as you can see in the drawing. Let’s make this basic structure of the original very well. make his tail wider.

Step:2 Draw Fins in Fish Drawing

In this step we make fins on both sides of the fish, one fin is on the top and one fin is on the bottom, and two more fins are just near the bottom. Keeping the pencil slightly left side from the center of the fish, lifting it up, bending it 1 cm, then moving it up, and then joining it down, its size will be equal to about 3 cm. In the same way, looking at a little gap from the tail of the fish.

lift the lower fin up 1 cm and then move it 3 cm from the bottom side and join it by rotating it. Now on the bottom side of the fish make more fins that are connected together making them move the pencil down and make them upwards as you can see. One wing is made like a waving flag and the other is like flower petals that are joined together.

Step:3 Draw the Eyes of Fish

Let’s make an eye on the Fish Drawing which is round. For that, a ground head is made some distance away from the mouth of the fish, whose radius is 1 mm. Seeing some caps inside it, make another circle. In the top fin of the fish, draw five lines which are small.

The lower wing also makes five lines and the two wings that are connected make three lines in one and two lines in one. Similarly, 16 small lines are made in the tail of the fish, they are different in size, you can see them in the drawing. Just ahead of the fish make 5 round circles from smallest to largest. From some distance, a straight line joins from top to bottom, then another double line after that. Make five more lines in the design of the fish inside it. Do all these things slowly with the help of a pencil.

Step:4 Now This Fish Drawing is Done

Ask for the next part of the fish with yellow color. Color his wings half yellow and half orange. Similarly, its tail is also painted with half yellow and half orange color, and the lower wings are as well. First of all double the fish all the line from the black market.

And the four drops of water just in front of the fish’s mouth are painted with half the sky color and left lightly empty. After that, the fish villages paint the thin part with blue color in this Fish Drawing. And its next part is with saffron color. Then on his next attack, do the same turn with blue color. cover the eyes of the previous one with a black marker leaving a small dot in the middle empty. Do all these things carefully, now our fish. I hope you understand and like this fish drawing.

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