Eyes Drawing Easy | Female Eyes Drawing in 5 steps

Eyes Drawing Easy, So guys welcome back to our blog. In today’s Blog post, I wish to show you how to draw a common organ of the human body. Many people struggle to draw it properly, which means, they just make it like a cartoon and don’t draw like a real eye which looks like a human eye drawing. We are here to help you to draw a real-looking human eye within a few steps. Without wasting any time let’s get started. So let’s start Eyes drawing Easy this Eyes Drawing easy step by step.

Material Used in This Eyes Drawing Easy

Drawing Sheet Size according to your choice

HB, 2B, and 6B Sketch Pencil

Blending Stump


So friends, as we have told in this paragraph, with the help of which material we have to make this Eyes drawing. You can read the rest of the steps we have provided to see what would be the best trick to draw these eyes. Very easily we will be able to make this Easy drawing eyes if we know how to use the material. I hope you all like this Easy Eyes Drawing of Eyes.

Step 1 Draw The Outer Structure of the Eyes

So guys here is the first step to drawing these eyes drawing easy. In this step first of all we will draw the rough outer structure of the eye. And then make it with a pointed sharp shading pencil. After that erase the rough lines you drew and then after this draw the hairs of the eyebrow with a sharp pencil. Then you have to take either cotton or an earbud or you can also take a clean piece of paper and shade at that area where you drew the hairs of the eyebrow. To give a realistic look at the eyebrow.

Step 2 Draw Eyebrow

Previously you are completed with the eyebrow and the outer structure of the eye. Now, make a circle that fits into that outer structure. After that draw one more small circle inside the bigger one and take the center point the same. And then, after drawing that inner structure makes a very tiny circle in that small circle on the upper right side. So this will make you find the difference between the pupil iris and the various parts of the eye.

Step 3 Draw Circle for Eye Lens

We have drawn the rough circles in the previous step. Now we come to do the shading parts so first of all take the shading pencils in your hand and shade the darkest at the gap between the bigger Circle and the circle inside it.

After that make the things in that inner circle that you drew in the second step after the Eyes drawing Easy a bigger circle, the reflection of the things which you see through the eyes leaving that one tiny circle, and then shade the inner part of the circle also using an earbud.

Step 4 Now we sketch the Eyelashes

In this step, we will make the above the eye and shade it first of all draw the eyelash of the same measurement as you drew the outer structure of the eye. And on the below side of the eyelash make the hairs of the eyelash make them very tiny as you have tiny hairs there. After that at the below side of the outer structure of the eye draw some hairs as we have very tiny hairs there also. Draw the hairs with a very light shading pencil.

Step 5 Easy Eyes Drawing is Completed

In this step, we will shade the hairs on either side of the outer structure of the Eyes Drawing Easy with the help of an earbud. After shading that thing you have to shade the area which was left inside the outer circle of the eye remaining that circle you drew.

So, shade that area properly the parts which come at the backside of the parts where the light is not able to reach the shade that area dark and the park where the reach of light is very easy to shade that area light. After shading your drawing is ready to be presented. I hope you liked it.

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