Dragon Drawing | Easy Drawing of Dragon in 4 Steps

Dragon Drawing, A dragon is an animal that looks like a snake. Dragon is like a snake but it has legs and wings too, it is very scary to see, fire comes out of its mouth, today we will make it, for which we will run the pencil properly. The dragon is in the flag of China, which has many lions on its back and wings, and its teeth are open.

Today we will make the same well, with the help of pencil and color we will make it which will look like sky color to us. For this, we will increase the pencil and color in the appropriate amount, we will make her legs well, which will look very beautiful. Let us make the dragon, the dragon is a part of the snake, an extinct species that used to be billions of years ago, which is no more, it used to be a very dangerous dragon drawing. The fire used to come out of his mouth, today we will make a dragon drawing in the same way.

What Type of Material is Used in Dragon Drawing?

The material used – To make a flying dragon, first of all, we need a pencil and an eraser, and a sharpener. With it we have also pencil color for coloring the flying dragon. And a white sheet for dragon drawing.

We will follow some simple steps to make it, which are as follows.

Step 1 – Basic structure of the dragon

First of all, we have to prepare its basic structure. Basically, dragons are similar to snakes. So we’ll draw the shape of a snake. In the middle of the sheet, we draw a snake with its mouth open and very angry, keeping the form pencil with a pencil. Slowly move the pencil from top to bottom in a parabola shape like a graph. We make its mouth open and run the pencil down to about 15 cm in a zigzag way. I hope you understand the steps of Dragon drawing.

Then after this, they double it, keeping space in the middle too much and coming back while reducing the side gap. greatly thinned tail part. after this, We draw teeth in our mouths. Dragon’s teeth are very sharp, so in its mouth, we make a serial vice of about 5 teeth. We draw its eyes a little inside from the start, for which we draw a circle of about 3 mm.

Step 2 – The Outer structure of the Dragon

In this, we make the wings of the dragon and make the legs. First of all, the long hairs on the top of the dragon are made. So on the outer part of the dragon drawing easy, the points are formed in the shape of a triangle till the tail. Now the front side we make is the lower part, for which we draw a line in the middle by giving a gap of about 2 mm in the lighter part.

Now let’s draw a parabola line for some time. By sharpening the upper part, now the lines meet inside as you can see in the drawing. Now let’s make the other side wing in the same way, in which we make it bent inwards. Will make a zigzag line in the middle of it, in which its structures can be seen. Similarly, on the other side, the wings of the dragon are made to fly(dragon drawing).

Step:3 Draw the Eyes of Dragon

Dragon, we will highlight your eyes. Nails under his feet. One leg will be made backward, which will be the train for which we will make the Trigona car and then draw another line just below it, similarly, the next leg will make the leg. Draw a tooth near his mouth which is very long for this run the pencil just right and draw lines through the middle of the dragon’s wings that it appears to be.

There are the inner bones of the wings, while doing this we will set it well, for which we will run the pencil used well. Will make the nails of the feet well, make its fingers obliquely bent, for which moving the pencil upwards, move it downwards. While moving the pencil, keep in mind that there should not be any mistakes, all the nails on his back, like hair, will be made in the order of big to small, starting will be big, and the lions at the back of the book will get smaller.

Step:4 Now We Fill Colour In the Dragon Drawing

In this step, we will color the dragon. Our dragon drawing for sale is of the sky and light sky color, with the help of these two people, we will color the dragon. We will keep the upper part of his stomach with dark sky color, for which we will use the pencil color while moving it well, then the lower part of it will be colored with a light sky color drawing of dragon.

We will make the straight hair growing on the dragon’s back with dark purple color slowly using the pencil. On the upper part of its wings, we will run dark sky color light sky color dark sky color than light. We will paint the straight-side punk with half dark sky color and half light sky color. We used to run the pencil color slowly with light hands so that we do not make any mistakes. I hope you understand the dragon drawing.

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