Doraemon Drawing | Cartoon Character Drawing in 4 Steps

Doraemon Drawing, Doraemon is a cartoon character who is very much liked by children. Its eyes are big and it has a superpower, it has a bell tied around its neck. which is similar to a cat. For this, we will measure all the dimensions on a white sheet of paper and make them.

Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon that revolves around Nobita and Doraemon. Nobita is a normal boy who has a cat named Doraemon(Doraemon Drawing), who came from a pig. He has gadgets. With the help of which she helps Nobita in every condition. He is not fast in reading nor is he fast in playing He is a very normal boy Doraemon comes to help someone Doraemon is a robot.

Material Used in Doraemon Drawing

First of all, we need chart paper and a pencil and an eraser and a cutter, and wax color with the help of which we will color Doraemon. One more black marker is required.

There are some steps to make it which are given below.

Step:1 Start Draw With Eyes in this Doraemon Drawing

Today we will draw Doraemon. First of all, we will draw the big eyes of Doraemon. For we will make circles in the shape of an egg on the top of the seat, these will be connected to the egg and will be connected to each other, for which we will move the pencil slowly from top to side. Now in the center of these, we will make two small spheres, whose radius should be 1 mm.

These two spoke will be made in both eyes. Doraemon’s eyes are big, so we will make circles in big shapes. Now leaving a small space in the corner of the circle which is made in the middle, we will darken the rest with a pencil. Similarly, beans will be done in the second circle as well. This is the black part of Doraemon’s eye. Now, these two circles will make a small circle below which is touching both circles. This middle circle should remain completely round.

Step:2 Draw the T shape to draw the Shape of the Doraemon Body Structure

Draw an inverted T shape from its center downwards. Which should be just below the center of this small circle whose length is about 0.5 cm and width is 0.25 cm. Now inside its middle part, we will make a heart shape, which is cut in half, this is Doraemon’s tongue, now we will bend both sides of the upper part upwards, which will give the look of a mustache.

Step:3 Draw Some Guidelines to Draw the Body Structure Properly

Now we will make three lines on both sides of the T shape, these lines will be straight, the middle one will be straight, the rest of the top and bottom will be slightly inclined upwards, and the lower one will be slightly downwards. These lines will act as Doraemon’s mustache.

From the side of the mouth and the side of the mustache, one line each will be drawn from the medical side of the eyes which we have drawn. These lines are the lines of Doraemon’s face. Below we will draw a red line, from both sides of which we will draw a half circle that covers all the shapes we have made. This is the face of Doraemon. We will double the line made below.

Step:4 Now Draw the Stomach Area of the Doraemon

Downwards, two lines will be drawn from its bell part on both sides, from its starting point, two inclined lines will be drawn downwards at an angle of 45 ° degrees. Now draw another line from below this line. To make a fork, draw a small circle and cut it from the bottom, and put a double parallel vertically in the middle. Now in the lower part, we will make a big circle which will be the stomach of the Doraemon Drawing, we will make it carefully and take care of all the dimensions as you can see in the Doraemon drawing.

Now let’s make u shaped design in the middle of his stomach which is simply his gadget to take out anything from it. A line was drawn from outside. In the middle of them draw a line in the shape of an upside-down V which is his feet. After that, with the help of a simple pencil, draw two straight lines on his feet and close them completely. Now in the last of his hands, circles are made on both sides, whose hands are there.

Step:5 Doraemon Drawing is Now Completed

Now in this part, we will color in Doraemon Drawing. Doraemon’s clothes are white and blue in color, whose nose is red color and GB is red color, and the color of the bell is yellow. We paint the outer part of the head with blue color.

Color your part with blue color, the part of the feet, the lower part of the stomach with blue color(Doraemon Drawing), leave the middle part, and so on white. the center of the eyes. We paint his nose red color and the tongue part red color and the bell with yellow color. Do all these steps slowly, pay attention to mistakes, and do it with cleanliness.

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