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Dinosaur Drawing, Now we will make the drawing of dinosaurs. Dinosaur is such a species that is not found on the earth at this time because it goes here till now because this species has become extinct from the earth. About 17 years ago, dinosaurs were found on the earth, they used to be of very large size, they had four legs, but the front ones were very small.

They used to walk by standing on their hind legs, their mouth exactly resembles that of a crocodile, we will make it in the shape of a cartoon with the help of a pencil and set it up. Even today, dinosaurs are shown in movies. To make it using BFX we will follow some simple steps and carefully make all the drawings. Dinosaurs used to kill all the animals smaller than themselves and used to eat this meat, it used to be very horrible, we will make dinosaur drawing.

Material Used in this Dinosaur Drawing

To make a dinosaur drawing, we will use a pencil and also need an eraser and sharpener, we will make it in a simple way on a white sheet of paper.

Step:1 Draw Mouth of Dinosaur Drawing

First of all, we will make the shape of the dinosaur’s mouth, the dinosaur’s mouth is somewhat similar to the crocodile’s shape. To make its jaw, we will keep the pencil on one side and move it slowly to the left side of the page, then from there we will rotate the pencil upwards.

Moving it upwards, I will bring about 1 cm in the middle of it, leaving an empty part in the middle. we will make its jaw part open Because dinosaurs used to have a habit of keeping their mouths open.

Step:2 Drew’s eyes and teeth

Now we will make the shape of small teeth with the help of a pencil in the lower part of its jaw, for which we will touch the pencil code and run it from the very bottom in the inverted. Some distance away from the center of a line, we will draw a small circle, which will be called the eye of a dinosaur drawing.

Yes, but will take the pencil while running it in a very good way. Now a little above this, how will we apply small cuts on the forehead and on the spot so that his mouth looks absolutely real?

Step:3 Drew back and tail

Now after making the shape of its mouth, we will bring it backward by keeping the pencil from its back side, to bring it, we will bring it down by tilting it slightly from the upper part. Its tail, which is very thick, will be brought forward in a U shape by bringing it from above. Whose stomach line will be run in a bumpy manner instead of straight. After making this Dinosaur drawing, keep the pencil near its back side, paste it inwards, and bring it away.

Step:4 Drew Rear legs

Now we will draw the feet of the dinosaur, after persuading the part of the tail, we will bring the pencil down from where we had left the pencil and bring the pencil down towards the reach. Its hind legs are very big and the front legs are very small. If you properly understand all the steps you look at dinosaur drawing easily.

To make the hind legs, we will bring them from top to bottom with a pencil, they are slightly bent backward. That’s why we will run the pencil by tilting it forward. To make the claws of the fingers, we will run the pencil in a very good way in thick way as you can see in the drawing. Now we will draw its second leg near this.

Step:5 Drew Front Legs

We will draw the front legs of the dinosaur. The front legs of the dinosaur are very small in comparison to the previous ones, which we can draw by moving the pencil lightly from its front in this Dinosaur Drawing.

Above we will draw the shape of which, now to make its claws, we will make the nails very sharp by moving the pencil very lightly. We will do this work very carefully as you can see on the train, we run the pencil deeply while celebrating their drawing of Dinosaur.

Step:6 Shading and Highlighting

Shading will be done for all its parts, for which we will rub lightly with a pencil on his neck area. See Shivkesh’s neck properly in 3D. And will make small inside cuts near the front part of the nails of its feet. Will set his nails very well and prevent small wrinkles on his mouth. We will do all the work very carefully and get the pencils well,

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