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Cow Drawing, Today we will make a drawing of a cow, which we will make by setting with the help of a pencil, it is like the species of American cow, many types of cow breeds are found around the world. But today we will make such a cow that has black colored spots all over its body and here it is dotted, its color is white and black. We will do it with black color to make black circles and show it very well with color and setting.

We will make it very clean. The cow is considered a mother. And the cow is also worshipped, cow is a very good species, and the importance of its milk is very high. has four legs and a tail. The cow has udder and we make its drawing. We will set the lower part of the cow’s legs black color, let’s make it.

Material Used In Cow Drawing

To make a drawing of a cow, we need a white sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and a sharpener. For coloring, we will use a black marker and use wax color in this Cow Drawing.

Step:1 Drew Horn and mouth

First of all, we will keep the pencil on the page and slowly move the Exide pencil up and down, after that we will bring the pencil down in the oval bay. From the other side too, we will bring the pencil downwards in the same way, from the other side we will connect the pencil by tilting it to one side, how to make an oval circle on the bottom side, Just above the mouth of the cow, we will make two small circles which will be the nostrils of the cow Drawing Easy.

While doing so, now draw two long lines on the top of his head. We will mix them with each other, in which shape they will be singing horns. Which of these will be on his head in anyone and will be inclined inwards, both of them will be equal to each other.

Step:2 Draw Eye and Ear

Now I am right on the side of the mouth but on one side we will draw a small circle which will be the eyes of the cow, now we will cry another small circle inside it, and near it, we will draw a half circle on the left side, Which will be exactly touching the line, on both sides we will draw the shape of the ear, for which keeping the pencil near the line, moving the petal noma.

We will connect it with the lower part, similarly, on the other side, we will make the shape of the ear from the back of the line. You can see the shape of the ear in the drawing. For this, we will move the pencil up and down. We will make the forehead part by banding little inwards. After making the shape of the particle, a line will be drawn slightly below the upper part of this Cow Drawing.

Step 3 – Draw the upper body shape and tail

After this, after making the cow’s mouth, we will draw a straight read line from the lower part of the ear, the line is not straight and going backward. It will be banded below, and after dying below, they will make a cow’s tail there. To make it on the tail part, we will run a sparkle pencil there, and from this, we will make it in the shape of tomorrow in this Cow Drawing.

After that moving the double pencil will move upwards and then bring it downwards from the duct as you can see in the drawing. bringing this line from the mobile part to the right side, After some time, the cow will tilt downwards or the line will be straight and the back of the cow will be slightly dead and the tail will also be there.

Step:4 Draw the legs and udder of this cow

We will make all four legs of the cow. The cow is in a slightly standing position and is looking forward, so the legs around it are slightly in front of each other. So to make these, we will bring the pencil downwards from the tail part of the cow, then from there we will run the pencil in the shape of the cow, then take it inside of this Cow Drawing.

After that, we will move the pencil down again near the feet of the cow Drawing, etc. and who will take out and make an apple with the help of a pencil, its back, and the second leg will be just behind it. For this, we will draw a line downwards and connect it to the other leg, in the same way, we will make the front legs as you can see in the drawing, under these we will draw the udder of this Cow Drawing Easy. To make the udder, the pencil will be made by moving it up and down, which will be hanging down.

Step:5 coloring and shading in this Cow Drawing

On its whole body, we will first make a design with a pencil in a Dotted shape, then we will make two places on its forehead, and after that, we will make such a save on its back as well. Who will draw the design on his back and whole body with the help of a pencil in the shape of a cloud?

We will paint the lower part of the feet with black color, Which is its black part and the front part of its mouth will be with pink color and the nose holes in the middle of it, we will paint the inner part of the eyes with black color. That the design made on his back and forehead, will feel it with black color, similarly we will color his udder with pink color, we will make the tail light red, and we will do all this work carefully as you give in this Cow drawing.

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