Cobra Drawing Step By Step | Pencil Drawing of Snake

Today we will make a cobra drawing, cobra is the name of a species of snake which is very dangerous, in this we will make a cobra by spreading the fun upwards. Whose mouth is open and the teeth are facing out, the rest of the body is behind and some part is looking forward due to the spread of the fruit.

We will make it well in broken with the help of a pencil. Cobra snake species are found in almost many ways in the world, but today we will make a simple cobra species. Whose front part will be made very easily with the help of a pencil, whose fan is also spread but mounted, whose eyes are facing forward and looking terrible.

Material Used in this Cobra Drawing

To make Cobra’s drawing, we need a pencil, an eraser, and a sharpener. And a simple piece of white paper and a black marker are needed to double all these steps.

Step:1 Draw Cobra’s Mouth

In this, we will make a drawing of the cobra’s mouth. First, we draw the eyes of a cobra in this step. To make the eyes, two small dots will be made, which will be about 5 cm away from each other, and will come very small, who will make the outer part of the mass, who will make it their own, and the rest of the other sides will also be like this(Cobra Drawing).

Above his eyes, now we will run a pencil in the form of small cuts, then going up, we will make a long cut, just like this, small cuts will be made just below, for which the pencil should be lightly cut in the shape of the upper part of the nail. As you can see in the drawing.

Will pull the upper left sideline a long way, which will turn backward after moving forward. Now in the front part, we will draw his teeth. To make the teeth, we will move the pencil downwards on the left side, then move the pencil again near the same side and make a thin layer as you can see in the Cobra drawing.

Step:2 Draw some guidelines

After making the teeth, just below it, a long line will be bent forward and drawn, now draw another line near it, and later connect both lines together. This will be called the snake’s tongue which is cut from the middle in two parts, in this, the pencil will not need one part upwards and will make one part in this Cobra Drawing.

From the upper part, a downward line should be drawn in the form of an inverted circle and after going to the other side, a line should be drawn below it, which will act as a thin layer. Now a long line will be drawn just below it, similarly, a line will be drawn on the other side as well. Turning the second line from the other side, the bottom side will be pulled for Cobra Drawing.

Step:3 Draw Lines Between face parts

Now in the middle of this, 2 lines should be made, which will also be seen on the bottom side, in the middle of these, vertical lines will be drawn in the middle, and the gap between them will be 5 mm, while doing this while drawing the line downwards In this Cobra Drawing.

This will be the next part of Cobra which will be in Gathila type. Now making the rest of the bottom like this, we will move the line of the other side down and rotate it. As you can see in the drawing. Bringing down the pencil from the right side, we will move it backward, as if the snake is lying, we will make its back part like this.

Step:4 Draw the design of the Body of a Cobra Snake

In this type, we will make the drawing as you can see. Moving the pencil will take it backward. move the pencil in a zigzag way to make the back side move to the right side, now we will draw another line near the same, in the back side, we will connect both the lines in a thin way, which will be the tail of the snake. Similarly, the next part will also be taken forward by increasing the gap little by little for Cobra Drawing.

Under the front part of the cobra’s hood, small parts will be brought downwards, which will be joined together. And here is the front part of the cobra which is chunky to see, so there is a lump that will make the shape. After that, another line will be run in the middle of all the parts and will be the line above it.

Step:5 In the last We have to Sketch in this Cobra Drawing

In this type, after drawing the cobra, we will set all its parts, and completely block the middle part of the eyes. Similarly, the sides of the line drawn in the middle below will be darkened with black color. Now on its upper part, we will draw half circles the size of small eggs, which will come in its whole body, we will connect them together and run the pencil lightly in this Cobra Drawing.

Which will get smaller till the back, the half circle of the front part will be a little bigger and the back part will get a little smaller. Will move the pencil carefully while doing all the work. Blacken the open mouth part of the snake with the help of a scale. Will double the color of all the part shops with black color on the edge side, and will do all these works carefully, now our fairness is ready.

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