Butterfly Drawing | just in 5 steps For Beginners

Butterfly Drawing, So welcome back to today’s blog post guys. In today’s Blog post, we will make you learn how to draw a cute-looking beautiful butterfly. We will make you learn how to draw a realistic-looking butterfly or a still-life drawing you can say of a butterfly in a few steps only. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

Step:1 Draw the rough outer shape

So guys here is the first step to making this adorning butterfly drawing. In this step first of all we will draw the middle part of the butterfly. So let’s begin, so, first of all, draw the rough outer shape of the drawing then make that shape properly after that outline that shape and erase if you drew any extra rough lines and make it look neat not messy.

Step:2 Draw the upper wings of the butterfly drawing

So here is the second step. Previously we drew the middle part of the butterfly. In this step, we will draw the upper wings of the butterfly, the bigger ones. So first of all we will start with the right wing and then slowly move to the left bigger or the upper wing. After making the wings roughly we will make them properly and outline them without making them look messy.

Step:3 Draw the right small wing

So guys, now we have made the middle part of the butterfly and the upper wings. Now we will make the lower wings, the smaller ones. So let’s draw, first of all, draw the right small wing of the adorable butterfly drawing. Once the right one is completed, draw the left one and then after both of them are complete draw them properly with their proper shade after that outline them properly and rub or erase all the extra rough lines which you might have drawn.

Step 4 Draw both the antenna

So the body of the butterfly is 90 percent made but one thing is left. Guess what?
Yes, you are right. The antennas type structure on the butterfly head is left so let’s draw them. Draw both the antenna properly and keep in mind one thing both of them should be of equal height.

Step:5 Finally Draw the outline of the Butterfly

So guys here is the lady part of this butterfly drawing. Everything mostly has been made now, in this step, first of all, we will outline the drawing with a black sketch pen and after that in the upper wings, we will make a few designs so that the butterfly looks more admirable.

After drawing the designs in both the upper and the lower wings properly sketch them or you may even color them as you wish. Do whatever you are comfortable with after making the designs and all your adorable Butterfly drawing is ready to be presented. I hope you liked this blog post, seeking your cooperation.

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