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Brain Drawing Friends, today we will make a drawing of the brain. The brain is an integral part of every living being, which controls its entire body. We will make the cut part of the brain in which we can see all the neurons of it, brain neurons work with the help of it.

The brain is only two percent of the whole body There is about 70 to 80 percent water inside it, to make the drawing of the brain, we will draw all its parts easily step by step. In this, we will make the brainstem, temporal lobe, cerebrum, frontal lobe, parietal lobe, etc. The total length of the blood cells presents inside the brain is 645 kilometers. We will make the drawing of the mind with the help of the protector. For we will first kiss the line around the protector, then slowly make all the parts of the brain inside it.

The material used in Brain Drawing

For drew brain drawing, we need a protractor and a pencil. And also need an eraser and sharpener.

Step:1 Drew skull shape

First, we drew in the brain drawing, we will use the protractor to keep the middle of the page slightly downward, then we will draw the travel line on top of it with a pencil. Now we will remove the protector, after giving a little gap, I will draw another line along its edge. Now let us draw the line of its meninges inside the drawing of the mind.

Step:2 drew meninges shape

Which is just below the scull which we will shock the edge line of the scale in a thin layer type. We will make the line inside the brain drawing by moving it round and round with light hands. Which is part of the brain’s meninges. We will double the same by pulling it from the other line. We’ll double that layer by drawing another line near the bottom line of the skull.

Step:3 Drew hypothalamus shape

Inside the brain drawing, we will now draw the hypothalamus. To make the shape of the hypothalamus, we will keep the pencil slightly above the lower part of the mind and move it slowly on the right side. After that, we will run our pencil from the oval here, bring the pencil back to the other side and make a tail-like shape, inside the brain drawing, the hypothalamus is a part of the brain.

Step:4 Draw cerebellum shape

Inside the brain drawing, we will draw the shape of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is part of the back of the brain. We will draw the shape of the cerebellum in the back of the skull. To make this, we will move the pencil round and round in the shape of the pulse and make an oval-like shape as you can see in the drawing of the brain.

Step:5 Drew pons shape

Now we will make all his blood cells inside the brain drawing, to make blood cells, we will move the pencil inside it in a zigzag manner. We will run the pencil in the shape of an oval sphere in each part of the brain drawing as you can see in the drawing which will be the drawing of the pons inside it.

Step 6 – drew spinal cord shape –
Now we will make the spinal cord inside the brain drawing. The spinal cord is the part of the lower part of the brain which is the shape of the leaf of the tree. To make which, first of all, we will make a shape with a pencil in the shape of a tree branch. Then after that we will close the outer part of it in a zigzag manner so that our brain drawing will be ready, now we will write all its parts with the help of pencil.

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