Anime Character Drawing Easy in 3 Steps

Today we drew an Anime Character Drawing. Anime word is a Japanese word made from Animation. Whose eyes are thick and whose hair is also very different. Anime character, we will make one character out of them today. This character whose eyes are very big and whose hair is thick, and whose face is very good to see, is a cartoon character.

It’s the character of a Female. To make this, today we will follow the simple steps, in which we will prepare the base, make eyes, make the nose, make the mouth, and make ears and hair. Anime characters Drawing are very nice to watch, that’s why their fans are huge. Check what material used in this Anime Character drawing.

Material Used in Anime Character Drawing Easy

Step:1 First of All we have to draw the Face of this Anime Character

First of all, we make the base and draw a plus sign for the face cut for the base, which is drawn with a light pencil so that it can be easily erased later, after that we make the chin, and for this, draw the line in a simple way. As you can see in this Anime Character drawing. To make the chin, run a light pencil, and do it equally from both sides.

After that draw the neck from both sides. After this, draw the ear from the middle of the face cut. As you can see in the photo. After this, draw the mouth from the middle of the normal base. then we make the bottom of the mouth. After that draw the nose. Let’s start the nose exactly from the middle of both ears.

Now, we draw both the eyes, which are spherical, then easily with the help of a pencil, we draw by moving them round and round. If the anime character is looking ahead, the pupil of his eye is exactly in the center. After this, her eyebrows are made, which is slightly angry, then it is leaning towards the center. Which we make by using a light pencil. Whose length is about 3mm thick And the length is 2 and a half inches.

Step:2 Now Draw the Hairs of Anime Character

While making the hair, they are given a good design because the anime character is a cartoon character, and its hair looks different as you can see in this Anime Character Drawing Easy. Shows well in the hair and makes their ears well, makes ears close, and separates them from the hair as you can see.

After that, while making the hair, is made well by making the tip of its edge well sharp. While making them, keep in mind that they are their replicas. Looking at its popularity, it is made that they are maintained well. They are rubbing well while moving the pencil and note that the hair covers his forehead well and the look should look good.

Step:3 Anime Character Drawing is Completed

In this, we pay attention that we maintain all the things well and those who pay attention to them under the eye, that they should be made well. In this, fill the hair with the help of a pencil and fill the ear and the mouth that has been made. Do it well, fill the cornea well with a pencil.

The cone of the hair is filled with pencil lightly. After this, its collar is made, which in a different way, it is the collar of the jacket, which is made from the center of the neck and chin. then fill it slowly rubbing with pencil slowly and Where it is filled with a pencil. Darker makes it better. Paying Attention Now Steps are done very easily. I hope you understand how to draw Anime Character Drawing.

Precautions of Anime Character Drawing

Do all the steps properly and use the same amount of pencil on the arm where it is needed. and be careful while making it Whatever steps you do, no one should pencil it again and again, try to pay attention to the face cut made right the first time. Give a good end over while making all the edges.


If you do it, you make it. If you are doing a good drawing in which your hands are clean and the anime character is a famous cartoon character then this is an awesome thing for you. If there is a Japanese character, it is very nice to make it.

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