Anime Boy Drawing | Step By Step | Pencil Sketch

Anime Boy Drawing, So, in today’s blog post, we are here to discuss with you how to draw the drawing of an anime boy. We will draw this drawing in various steps, in each step, we will draw some parts of the following drawing like the nose in one part and the ears in the next for your better understanding, we will draw step by step. Each step will give you a better understanding of the drawing and how it has been made. So let’s get started by our first step.

Let’s Talk About Anime Boy Drawing

So Companions, If you are watching this Anime Boy drawing tutorial drawing this anime drawing that’s very complicated because we have to need more practice with all types of drawing skills. Friends, if we talk about this type of drawing, then in the coming time, this type of drawing is going to be very demanding, which will be a wonderful sight to see.

I have a lot of hope from all of you that any person from any country who came here to see this blog post of ours will be able to make this drawing very easily, the way we have explained each and everything in detail in this article.

It is the drawing of this art that we have shown very well in this blog post. I request all the visitors that whoever is sitting reading this blog post with the desire to make this Anime Boy drawing, must first sit with all their materials so that no disturbance is created while making this drawing. I hope you all understand what I mean.

In the future, we will also upload videos of this drawing in our articles, which are very important. You will keep seeing such blog posts here, which will be very impressive for those who are eager to make such types of Drawings. 5 Steps are given below for this Anime Boy Drawing.

Step:1 Draw the semicircle

So guys here is the first step of this Anime Boy Drawing to draw this amazing drawing. In this step first, we will draw the semicircle as the outer guideline of the face. As the face is half drawn that is the reason we are drawing a semicircle if it would have been fully drawn then we would have to draw a complete circle.

Step:2 Draw the rough lines

Here comes the second step to drawing this fabulous drawing. In this step first of all we have to draw the guidelines or the rough lines for the mask of the boy. After drawing the rough lines make sure they are in a perfect position, after that we would make them as fair lines and if any correction is to be needed to do we will make them before changing the rough lines into fair lines.

Step:3 draw the eyebrow

So guys here is the third step to drawing this anime boy drawing. In this step, we will, first of all, draw the rough lines for the outline of the eye. after making them we will take a look and fix them perfectly and fair then after that we will draw the pupil and the iris of the boy.

After drawing the pupil and the iris we will draw the eyebrow of the boy as only one eyebrow is making (half face). After making the eyebrow draw a tear came down from the boy’s eye as you can see above in the image.

Step:4 outline of the hairs

So guys here is the fourth step to making this Anime Boy drawing. In this drawing, we will draw the front hairs of the boy first draw the guidelines to draw the hairs after drawing the guidelines fairs the outline of the hairs from the front and the back both. After that, we have to make the hair part of the boy as shown above in the image.

Step:5 After shading your drawing

So guys here is the fifth step to making this drawing. The drawing has almost been completed in the previous steps. In this step, we just have to give a final end touch to the drawing, what we will do is that we will just shade the drawing politely part by part like hairs first after that the eye and the mask. After shading your drawing is ready to be presented.

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