26 January drawing | Republic Day Art

Today we are going to make a simple Republic Day drawing. In which we will simply make our India Gate. And will show the Indian culture. Our constitution came into force on 26 January 1950. For this reason, Republic Day is celebrated every year on 26th January.

This year is the 73rd Republic Day of our India. In this 26 January drawing, we will simply make the India Gate located in our capital Delhi. For this, today we will make a drawing for our country in a simple way. Whose India Gate will be built which is on the earth and fighter planes will be flown from it, from which the colors of green, white and saffron are coming out.

This scene is very charming, today we will make it our own. Will color India Gate closely and highlight all its important things Indian flag will be made right in the middle of India Gate which is waving.

Material Used on 26 January Drawing

A simple white sheet on which the 26 January drawing can be done. Pencil eraser and sharpener. And for coloring, wax color will be used.

Step:1 Draw the Upper Part of Earth’s Shape

In this step, first of all, we will make the upper part of the earth shape, for which we will rotate the pencil. For we will run the pencil closely so that this 26 January drawing can look good. Now with the help of a scale, draw a straight vertical line from the center of the upper part of the circumference of the circle by moving about 2 and half centimeter. In the same way, draw a line on the other side as well, as if India Gate is made. After going up, both lines have to be joined together.

And whatever line you get, you have to double it. In the same way, draw a line on both sides from the inside. The inner line should not be as big as the outer earring in this 26 January Drawing. Its height should be 3/4th of the outer earring. Now both these lines have to be joined with the half circle inside. Now both sides have to be made rectangular shape, the first one has to be made whose shape will be very small. Which should be on both sides, similarly it should be made on the other side of this 26 January Drawing.

Step:2 Draw the Rectangular Shape

In this, we have to make a rectangular shape in the big shape, right below that which we made earlier. Which should be in the ratio of 2 and 5 inches, for which we can also take the help of scale. Now a circle should be made between the pillars on both sides. Whose diameter should be 5 mm This circle should be made on both pillars.

Now both the pillars were jointed, on top of that now we have to make up to 4 layers while working the length. We will make it in the same way, for which we will make a horizontal line with the help of a scale. Now after making it in the shape of India Gate, India will be written in the middle of it. for which we will use English letters. Now right in the middle of this, we will make the Indian flag. For the flag, make a straight line in the middle and double it. Now the flag is just above this.

Step:3 Draw the India Gate and Dom

In this, we make a plane on both sides of the India Gate. With the help of pencil make 3 3 both sides in the shape of a light plane, We have to show that the planes are flying in the air and all the three colors of the tricolor are coming out from the first one on the left side. I hope you understand the step of this 26 January drawing.

Saffron from the first plane of the left side and white from the second And green color is coming out from the third, Ashok Chakra is made in the middle of the flag which is made in the middle of India Gate. Although the tricolor is fluttering in the wind, it becomes like the tricolor and the wheel. Which you can see in the drawing. We have to do all these slowly with the cleanliness of our hands.

Step:4 Now we have to colour in this 26 January drawing

Now our drawing is ready, now we will fill in the color in it. For which we first fill the bottom part on which the India Gate is standing with green color, to make the color on the edge of the circle leave the part , Now for the India Gate portion, we paint them with dark and orange + clay colors. For this, now we fill the upper part of the tricolor with saffron and the blue color of the Ashoka Chakra in the middle. Fill the 3rd part below it with green color. We paint the poles in the flag with black color. I hope you understand this 26 January Drawing.

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